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July public announcement (2020) that ordering of public construction has a possibility

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    We promoted adequacy of bid, contract of public construction, and, for the purpose of the healthy development of security and construction industry of trust of people for public construction, "law about promotion of adequacy of bid of the community construction and contract" was enforced on April 1, 2001, and public announcement of ordering prospect of degree was required every year. We announce about ordering prospect of the community construction that Saga carries out to plan securing of transparency of contents in process of bid contract.

Public announcement contents

 (1)It is (8) construction scale at method (7) bid plan time of summary (6) bid of classification (5) construction of (4) construction and contract during period of place (3) construction of name (2) construction of construction


 Construction to announce this time has a possibility of construction more than 2.5 million yen that ordering is anticipated in 2020 as of July, 2020, and construction and public announcement contents to actually order may be different.

 In addition, we may place an order for construction that we do not register in ordering prospect.

Search method

We open primary Excel file
 [corresponding file = under ↓ book page "ordering public announcement (Excel file) with possibility"]

We click ▼ seal in cell of item (ordering bureau, ordering organization, ordering time) which wants to search 2 and choose search condition. (figure 1, 2)

List of 3 searches is displayed. Number on item is the number to correspond to search condition. (figure 3)

※In addition, please refer to each ordering organization for individual contents about ordering prospect.

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