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From new book of Tuesday, February 25, we introduce recommended five books.

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Five books which are recommended from new book

"Special library sight-seeing" Eiji Aoyagi others/work, bemmakotodeban/, request sign: 018/A,57

 Contents: We take away special library 61 building of public model that is available to general people and we hold contents of collection and reference service and introduce things with color photo. List which we compiled records the situation of number of seats and SNS. 
 Author introduction: University of Tsukuba Graduate School library information media graduate course doctoral course completion. Meiji University department of literature's professor. 


"inkurushibudezain" Tomohiro Isaka/work, Nikkei BP/, request sign: 336.2/I,68

 Contents: Policy "inkurushibudezain" to improve innovation power in the SDGs (sustainable development target) times. We comment on methodology and concrete technique, upbringing of "future thought type leader" with innovation power.
 Author introduction: We are from Ibaraki. inkurushibudezain solutions president. Nagoya University of Commerce & Business Graduate School guest professor.



"True desire is almost unconscious"; Takahiro Daimatsu others/work, advertising meeting/, request sign: 675.2/O,61

 Contents: Important one understand "dissatisfaction that the person is unconscious" now. We start from "unconscious dissatisfaction" and introduce simple framework to find "really desired thing". With downloading service of framework.
 Author introduction: dekomu representative director. In joint work "essence" of "I want".



"Supreme ten University leader" Yusuke Nakagawa/work, KADOKAWA/, request sign: 762.8/N,32

 Contents: From "three major leader" Toscanini, Walter, Furtwangler through Karajan, Bernstein to contemporary great master Rattle. They built career, and how did they accomplish advance, what? We spell human being drama of world-famous leaders.



Shinji Konno/work "composing" on "Koujien", Iwanami Shoten/, request sign: 813.1/KO,75

 Contents: We think about various things than required in spite of being messenger. We always derail. toiukotoda - that that "writes" dictionary. Japanese scholar who cannot help loving words introduces how to use, how to play of "Koujien" enthusiastically seriously.
 Author introduction: It was born in Kanagawa for 1,958 years. Seisen University's professor. Science of Japanese specialty. We win Dr. Kyosuke Kindaichi memorial award in "karimeihyokiron*". In other books "nichinichizenichihongo." 


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