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Five books which are recommended from new book

"Miracle of QR code" Susumu Ogawa/work, Toyo Keizai Inc./, request sign: 007.6/O,24

 Contents: Rare innovation, QR code that became international standard by from Japan. It dates back to bar code for Toyota production methods and development of reading machine and introduces development and standardization of QR code, the next evolution.
 Author introduction: It was born in Hyogo for 1,964 years. We acquire Ph.D. in Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Sloane management university. Kobe University Graduate School business administration graduate course professor. MIT research affiliate.



The "human true character" Alfred Adler/work, interest positive building/, request sign: 146.1/A,16

 Contents: How useful is individual psychology for what or knowing human being with firm basics of individual psychology? One or - that "approval desire" and "trauma" come from where. Psychological great master Adler clarifies "the human true character" in detail.
 Author introduction: 1870 through 1937. Austrian native place. Psychiatrist, psychologist, social theorist. We established modern personality theory and psychotherapy with Freud and Jung and founded individual psychology.



"Visual pandemic map" Sandra Hempel/work, Nikkei National Geographic company/, request sign: 493.8/H,52

 Contents: The plague, influenza, AIDS, jika heat…. We take up 20 infectious diseases and map infection course or example, infected zone of end based on data clearly. We introduce impressions of pathogen discovery to opportunity of infection in story easily.
 Author introduction: Medical journalist. We win prize for medical association publication in the U.K. in "medical detective John sunou".


"Bookcase of car" Yasuhiko Uchino/work, *kensha/, request sign: 537.9/U,22

 Contents: We cannot talk about car without drama with people. - which library with book of such a car wanted to create. Former librarian of car enthusiast introduces book about cars expressed with paintbrush in photograph of all ages and countries by letter.
 Author introduction: It was born in Ibaraki for 1,956 years. University of Tsukuba Graduate School library information media graduate course doctoral course leaving school in midcourse. Rikkyo University additional post lecturer, Doshisha University part-time service lecturer. In book which "therefore visiting library is not stopped."



"Culture policy of the basic local government" 1, Fujino husband/work, Wednesday company/, request sign: 709.1/F,64

 Contents: Result of research by the staff of the basic local government in Osaka having a strong interest in "town development utilized culture, art." We examine that we can do what to staff of local government what success in town development is.
 Author introduction: Kobe University Graduate School international culturology graduate course professor. Other than Japanese culture policy association's vice-chairperson, Director of Lake Biwa art culture foundation, we hold an additional post of a lot of committee members such as Council for Cultural Affairs.


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