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Saga shooting training center

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About some apparatuses of Saga shooting training center, malfunction of facilities

 We provide some apparatuses such as scoreboard, clay-releasing plane, water supply because of thunderbolt from Saturday, September 12
Malfunction occurs in this. I apologize for the inconvenience, but approve inconvenience to all of you.
 For more details, please contact Saga shooting training center (0952-62-8119).

About suspension of traffic of road to Saga shooting training center

 Go north for the time being from Tuesday, May 26 from the Yamato Saga interchange area; and Saga shooting training center
Road which passes, and goes is closed to traffic for construction.
 When come to our center, is traffic shitekuda via excellent tail mountain pass from prefectural road Route 209 or prefectural road Route 51
sai. In addition, prefectural road Route 209 is reference kuda on map following in construction, suspension of traffic being carried out, too
sai. For more details, please contact Saga shooting training center (0952-62-8119).
 * Suspension of traffic period (plan): It is Saturday, October 31, 2020 from Tuesday, May 26, 2020
 ※We may be changed during period by progress of construction.


Saga shooting training center
Shooting training center

Summary of facility

  1. Location 3669, Kuchii, Taiwa-cho, Saga-shi
  2. In-service start August, 1994
  3. Facility contents 

Facility name


    Management ridge

   Office, 100 class room accommodation

    Shotgun firing range

   One trap, skeet one

    Shooting range

   Large-diameter 100 meters (5 shooting places)

    Parking lot

   100 accommodation


Administration of facility

 Introduce designated manager system from April, 2006, currently "hunt with non profit organization Saga shooting
Promotion society manages and runs.
 At the use time, it is said that, as a general rule, it is as follows, but is private use with all the firing ranges by rifle competitions
As there is reru case, please use after inquiry.

The use time

 From 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

The closure day

(1) Vacation year-end and New Year as for from December 29 to January 3
(2) From November 15 to February 15 are Thursday on Wednesday on every Tuesday
(3) (1)Period except (2) is every Tuesday, Wednesday in this
(4) (2)In the case of holiday, Thursday opens this on Wednesday on Tuesday among (3).

Reference about the use of facility

 Saga shooting training center office
 Address: 3669, Kuchii, Taiwa-cho, Saga-shi
 Telephone: 0952-62-8119 fax: 0952-62-8120

Position of facility

    From Saga Station is about 20 minutes by car

  From Nagasaki Expressway Yamato Saga interchange is ten minutes by car

        Position figure 1


      Go ahead through branch road of expressway which can penetrate from the Yamato Saga I C south (signal) of Route 263 to the east, high

 Through box (Higashisefuri 58th box) crossing bottom of easy method road, it is located in halfway up a mountain of mountain which we went ahead through to the north

 We do.    


   Position figure 2




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