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Plan display "Prince Naomasa Nabeshima bronze statue"

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 Around the end of the Meiji era, mood to build bronze statue of the tenth Saga feudal lord, Naomasa Nabeshima swelled, and, in 1913, bronze statue was built in the current Matsubara Shinto shrine west by contribution from the prefectural inside and outside. However, is delivered by metal collection law accompanied with World War II, in 1944; disappeared.

 Offer of donation by Prince Naomasa Nabeshima bronze statue rebuilding Committee began to memorialize direct plus birth 200 years in 2014, and to rebuild bronze statue, and, in March, 2017, new bronze statue was completed in open space of the gate north side of Saga-jo Castle killer whale. We introduced state at the time about bronze statue built in 1913 using shozo*satsu "kan*kodozosekikakari" in this exhibition.

[session: for from February 10, 2017 to June 4]


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*satsu "kan*kodozosekikakari" cover (1912)



List of staffDonation application

List of bronze statue construction office regular staff

The amount of donation application

 Documents about summary of construction prospectus [photograph top right corner] which achievement of Prince direct plus was written in detail and bronze statue production, procedure of contribution and report are put in *satsu "kan*kodozosekikakari".

 We assume Shigenobu Okuma construction chairperson, and the names of local politician and businessman line up in Managing Director Saga committee, and there is the name of Kiyoshi Taniguchi eight who undertook casting of bronze statue. There are many title receivers, and, in Tokyo committee member, Takanao Hatano (bureaucrat) and Michimasa Soejima (Taneomi Soejima son), Tsunehane Sano (Tsunetami Sano son) are chosen other than person from Saga who played an active part in Kuranosuke Nakamuta, Kunitake Kume, Kaijiro Notomi, the whole country including Saburosuke Okada [the photograph lower left].

 Donation was started in January, 1910, but donated 1,000 yen that Shigenobu Okuma cut van in October of the previous year and became maximum amount [the photograph lower right].

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