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We make child care and operate grand province "saga" taxi

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Make child care; grand province "saga" taxi

Make child care; about service of grand province "saga" taxi

 Support going out or going to hospital of small child and the protector or pregnant "to make child care, and to promote grand province "Saga" project" in the prefecture; "do child care, and, by service of grand province "saga" taxi", child care generation maintains environment that is easy to use taxi in peace. 


 ↓"We make child care list of grand province "saga" taxi service companies" is this

Make child care; with grand province "saga" taxi

 "Make child care; grand province "saga" taxi" takes to and from in place of protector who cannot take child to and from nursery school and school, cram school, and baggage is support that was with infants who are apt to increase when going out, taxi easy for child care generation available in peace in the case of emergency including pickup and drop-off to reception desk Hospital by night due to fever of sudden child.


Five points of reliable security

Driver who received the training about 1 pregnant woman, hospitality to child hears from person sent to meet.

By 2 prior registration and careful meeting, it is available in peace.

We take out insurance that can support accident outside 3 cars and cope with security at the age of what-if.

We prepare 4 car seats and tarpaulin. (please make a reservation on the use beforehand to prepare in the inside of car, and to meet, and to be cooked)

5 rates are the same as normal taxi fare. We make child care, and it does not cost special rate for grand province "saga" taxi.


Make child care; grand province "saga" taxi sticker

 Mark of driver whom this sticker caught the training!

Make child care; service contents of grand province "saga" taxi

 There are three courses that to make child care, and grand province "saga" taxi adjusts to various situation and can use.


             Course name                                                           Contents
 Use of parent and child course

(we support going out with children with much baggage)
 Going to hospital, examination, pickup and drop-off, shopping of kindergarten, school carry stroller, baggage to the door

 Use of child course(pickup and drop-off reliable even as for one child including going to kindergarten, attending school, tsujuku)
 Please register pickup and drop-off beforehand. We report on the telephone after driver took child to and from designated place 
 Use of pregnant woman course(we support going to hospital to maternity hospitals and going out when it is hard to drive)
 We register the expected date or maternity hospital and help transportation of baggage, hospital receptionist




Make child care; usage of grand province "saga" taxi

 The use registration before 1 up low-grade official in charge of banquet services

                      You make the nearest child care, and please contact grand province "saga" taxi service proprietor.

                       By having you register in advance, lead to the smooth allocation of cars.

          It is common throughout each course

          By having you register address, the name, lead to the smooth allocation of cars.

                             Use of child course

                             By having pickup and drop-off register beforehand, can use even one child smoothly on taking one child to and from.

           For kindergarten, school or clubs for after school activities for children, cram school, tell about taxi taking to and from beforehand.

                             Use of pregnant woman course

                              By having maternity hospital, the emergency contact information register in advance on the expected date, there are few burdens on expectant mothers at the time of labor pains,

                              Is smooth; can take to and from. It is available for discharge or medical examination in peace.


  2 reservations    Reservation of the use

                      If the use day is fixed, please contact.

                        Apply for car seat on the use beforehand by all means.


  3 allocation of cars    Driver is met

                        Driver visits place of designation.


  4 reports     In the case of use of child course

                      We do report of pickup and drop-off completion to phone numbers of designation.


Make child care; grand province "saga" taxi service company   


 Company nameThe location Service area Operational hour Contact information

 Usage guidance

 Saga taxi




 Ureshinocho, Ureshino-shi

 (Saga) 24 hours

 (Ureshino) 9-17:00

(Saga) 0952-24-8080

(Ureshino) 0954-43-1224

 The details are asked about

 Please give me

 Central taxi Saga-shi Saga-shi 24 hours 0952-24-2222 The details are asked about

 Please give me

 Tosu Konai taxi

(smile taxi)

 Tosu-shi Tosu-shi, Miyaki-gun 6-26:00 0942-83-4101

 The details are asked about

 Please give me

 Tosu taxi Tosu-shi Tosu-shi 6-26:00


※Inquiry of registration

We ask to Kiyama taxi

We do

 The details are asked about

 Please give me

 Kiyama taxi Kiyama-cho Kiyama-cho 6-26:00

(registration) 0942-81-7334

(reservation) 0942-81-7333

 The details are asked about

 Please give me

 joikkusu traffic



 Saga-shi, Kanzaki-shi



(until reception desk 23:30)

 Yoshinogari sightseeing taxi Yoshinogari-cho

 Saga-shi, Kanzaki-shi



 6-26:00 0952-51-1333 The details are asked about

 Please give me

 Ogi taxi Ogi-shi Ogi-shi


(until reception desk 25:30)



 Showa Jidosha

(taxi of the Showa era)

 Karatsu-shi Karatsu-shi, Taku-shi From 9:30 to 20:30 0955-74-4004 

 Saihi Kamenoi taxi

 Imari-shi Imari-shi, Arita-cho

 (Imari) 24 hours

 (Arida) 6-25:00

(Imari) 0120-311-353

(Arida) 0120-788-489

 The details are asked about

 Please give me

 Arita taxi Arita-cho Arita-cho 7-26:00 0955-42-3131

 The details are asked about

 Please give me 

 Takeo taxi Takeo-shi Takeo-shi 9-24:00 0954-23-1111 The details are asked about

 Please give me

 Nishiki taxi Shiroishi-cho Kishima-gun

 6:30 ...

(please refer to company)

 0954-65-3158 The details are asked about

 Please give me

 saikoan taxi Kashima-shi


 Shiodacho, Ureshino-shi

 9-24:00 0954-62-2171 The details are asked about

 Please give me


※Please refer to each company for the details such as operational hour.




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