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About beyond2020 program, Tokyo 2020 participation in planning program

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With beyond2020 program

Send charm of ... Japanese culture, and is culture program for Legacy creation that fixed its eyes on after 2020; ...

 Tokyo 2020 Olympics Paralympics tournament is held. Because we attract attention from all over the world in 2020, through culture program, it is perfect occasion sending charm of Japan to the world.
  1. We fix our eyes on after 2020
  2. It is full of the area nature that is strength of Japan and makes use of culture full of diversity
  3. We create Legacy to be able to be proud of in the next generation appropriate for maturity society
 We authenticate such culture program as "beyond2020 program".
 ※With culture program
 In the Olympic Charter of IOC, it is cultural program that is obliged to carry out conduct in holding city on holding the Olympics. Culture program is carried out during "the karuchuraru Olympiad" (Cultural Olympiad) for the Olympics of the held city concerned for 4 years and period to be said since the Olympics in front were over.
 ※With Legacy
 It is sustained effect brought about with the Olympics holding by society.

Logo mark of beyond2020 program

Logo mark
 Using logo mark, it unfolds with united feeling to all over Japan in All Japan.
We click the like button, and design of beyond2020 logo mark is doing gesture of agreement to "be good" in motif.
In addition, we symbolize "b" of beyond and Japan and can read with "wa".
With wish that we succeed to Japanese culture together and want to open, it is logo mark that Shinbo rise did 2020 as step to new development.

About Saga version logo mark

Saga version logo mark
On March 27, 2020, we established "beyond2020 program logo mark" and "pot samurai" of sightseeing in Saga PR character and "pot "Saga version logo mark" that played mew" collaboration.

Characteristic of beyond2020 program

  • We send charm of Japanese culture and create Legacy leading to symbiosis society, globalization.
  • We work on profit and intend for wide activity regardless of nonprofit activity about culture.
  • Including local festival carried out in all over Japan all over the country, we authenticate business of various fields.
  • Other than public institution, private business person, any other groups can participate in wide person.

Merit (1) logo mark of the certification is usable

  • Public information utilizing "beyond2020 logo mark" and "Saga version logo mark" is enabled.
  • We can use logo mark for signature and signboard, notice thing, sales promotion thing, product. 
  • But use in foreign countries of logo mark needs attention as international trademark does not support.

We are introduced in merit (2) WEB site of the certification

 Business, activity is introduced on the following homepages.
Culture information portal site of Agency for Cultural Affairs
The Headquarters for Promotion of Cabinet Secretariat Tokyo Olympics tournament, Tokyo Paralympics tournament secretariat

About application method of beyond2020 program

The certification requirements of beyond2020 program

 (1)Being business, activity to send charm of Japanese culture

 ※Traditional art, modern performing arts, various art, designs using advanced technique, contents that the world pays attention to as cool Japan, the media art, fashion, food culture such as Japanese dishes, sake, local festival and traditional craft are in Japanese dress and, with Japanese culture, include various things including building which seems to be Japan utilizing flower, wood, building stones, tatami mat.

   Performance of example) traditional arts

     Festival of district

     Brochure production to introduce liquor to

     Record, information sends production state of folk crafts

     Local product fair

     Classic concerts in venue of Japan


 (2)Being business, activity including any of the following in consideration for diversity, internationality

  • Approach to remove barrier for person with a disability

   Exhibition in venue with example) slope

     Concert with wheelchair priority seat

     Story-telling society of picture book of Braille

     Sign-language interpreter and lecture that placed abstract writing   

  • Approach to remove the language barrier for foreigner

   Lecture that we introduced example) simultaneous interpretation into

     Picture production of foreign language subtitles, the screening society

     Lecture that placed the guidance staff who can speak foreign language

     Brochure in foreign language, PR by HP

     Exhibitions that referred commentary of foreign language 


Application method (when it moves into action business in based in the prefecture or Saga)

 You download the following "certification application", and, after filling out the requirements, please send by email or mail.


  〒840-8570 1-1-59, Jonai, Saga-shi, Saga

  Saga culture, sports interchange station Culture Division

  E-Mail address [email protected]

 ※ On sending emails of the certification application, conduct report, please submit with Excel file by all means.

 ※ On date, you fill in address, name of corporation, group, representative name, and written oath and written consent seals, and please submit data which you scanned in the case of email.

 ※ We need period of around two weeks from application to the certification.

 ※ In Saga, we authenticate only business, group working on in based in the Saga prefecture or Saga.


Application method (when it moves into action business out of based in Saga outside the prefecture or Saga)

 When it moves into action business out of person based in Saga outside the prefecture or Saga, we register at the beyond2020 program secretariat and the Agency for Cultural Affairs beyond2020 program secretariat. Please apply from homepage of the following beyond2020 programs.

   Phone number 0570-022320 (it takes call charge)

   Reception hours: From 10:00 to 17:00 (excluded for Saturday and Sunday, celebration, New Year holidays)

   Email: [email protected] 

   Phone number 03-5657-0684 (it takes call charge)
   Reception hours: From 10:00 to 17:00 (excluded for Saturday and Sunday, celebration, New Year holidays)

   Email: [email protected]



Approach of culture program in Saga

Culture program that is carried out in future  

※We publish the certification sequentially.

 Business name Schedule Place Sponsorship
 ... of the 15th anniversary of ... organization 
Spring evening, soleil and concert woman's voice madrigal "CREDO" to get drunk on premiere concert

 May 31, 2020

→(postponement) April 4, 2021

 Saga-shi Cultural Center coliseum 

Woman's voice chorus soleil
 Opera 2020 Saga performance in Slovakia

 June 30, 2020 ・

 July 3, 2020

→(postponement) Time undecided

 Karatsu civic center ・

 Saga Prefectural art museum hall

Meeting of Saga Slovakia opera opera interchange
  SAGA SEA2020 EUROPEAN JAZZ TRIO "We Get Requests" June 14, 2020 Youtube Saga
 The third Saga tradition entertainment festival November 23, 2020 Saga-shi Cultural Center coliseum Saga
 SAGA ART BRUT NETWORK (the 2020 Saga person with a disability art cultural activities spread support) From June 1, 2020 to March 31, 2021 Atelier sanku

 Saga ArtBrut Network

 Center(SANC) / 

 Social welfare corporation spring

 The 20th Saga person with a disability culture and art exhibition From February 9, 2020 to February 14 Saga Prefectural art museum 4 exhibition room Saga
 LiveS Beyond Around July, 2020 - around March, 2021

 We are released in Youtube and

It is public in archive in WEB site

We do open.




Culture program that was finished



About Tokyo 2020 support program


 With Tokyo 2020 support program

  Tokyo 2020 support program is program to work on for Legacy creation after breeding and meeting in the time of the Olympics Paralympics for heaping up of Tokyo 2020 meeting through business, event of the wide field as well as sports.

 Business, event about culture can use words called "the Olympics Paralympics" with words called logo mark and "the culture Olympiad" when accepted for this program!


 ※Words called "the Olympics Paralympics" are protected in intellectual property, and use except permitted thing is prohibited.

 For more details, please confirm the following meeting brand livelihood protection standards.

  PDF Meeting brand livelihood protection standard We open with the other window(PDF: 604.3 kilobytes)


Application method

 On meeting Organizing Committee homepage We open with the other window(external link), we come by WEB application.

 Detailed application method and certification important matter, please identify the following guidelines. 





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