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Saga IoT promotion laboratory (SAGA and straw or Biz studio)

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Business purpose

 IT in the prefecture is intended that we plan attractive, various job opportunity creation to young people, woman through advancement (development to = length) of business of creative industry and application (development to = side) to other areas.


Business outline

 Our prefecture has little number of the workers of IT system (the 46th place national as for the number of the workers per population of information service business and the Internet accompaniment service industry), and there is problem called (in i*nyuritsu 88% of the same profession class) where tendency to depend on supply from outside the prefecture for for the prefecture demand is strong.

 The other, these days

  • Business deployment to advanced domain including AI/IoT such as local IT companies
  • Improvement of activation of community activity of creator or co-working
  • A series of advances of residence in Tokyo IT company
  • Setup of fund razor organization of crowd funding by Institute for design thought establishment or CSO by hometown size

There are nado, IT, aspect that local resources in creative domain are enriched.

 "Seedbed" that each local player interchanges across each other's "fences" and collaborates and place and structure that it is will be necessary in future that these are one more step altitude including AI/IoT and bring about new business continuously.

 At first, the prefecture leads "cooperation X competition → cowound" in concept in this business, and form "seedbed of emergence" to business creation and place where it is newly, and this in mother's body

  • Industrialization proof support of new business in domain creative including AI/IoT IT
  • Offer of opportunity of financing and business matching for proof item

nadoni works.

Constitution company, group

Saga IoT promotion laboratory constitution company, group (46 groups) ※As of February 1, 2018

In Saga IoT promotion laboratory, we raise company, groups to participate at any time.

Please submit company, group name or business name, business outline and linked URL by E-mail addressed to the secretariat or FAX if you would like to participate.


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