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New application

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 Window of application, receipt of passport is passport window of municipalities made principle, resident registration.                                                               

 For more details, please see "window of application, receipt".



Eligible people of new application

  • Person who makes passport for the first time
  • Passport which makes passport newly as expiration date expired now you have
  • Person who has passport stolen, and makes passport loss newly because we were destroyed by fire



Required document


1 public passport issuance application: One of them

  • We put application to passport window, prefectural International Affairs Division passport person in charge of municipalities.
  • We can download application from Ministry of Foreign Affairs homepage.

   Ministry of Foreign Affairs HP (passport application downloading) We open with the other window(external link)

  • As for people 20 years or older, validity can choose business or five years business for ten years.
  • As for people under 20, validity becomes only thing for five years.




  • As applications are different, please be careful by business and five years business for ten years.
  • There is item which applicant fills in on application. Except infants who cannot write character and preschooler, applicant, please fill out by all means.
  • About application of minor, signature that legal representative (person in parental authority or guardian) had handwriting of is necessary for "legal representative signature" on the back of the application column.

2 copies of a person's family register or abridgment: One (thing which family register contents at the time of application can identify with thing within six months from day of issue of an edition)

  • When plural of the same family register apply at the same time, we can apply with one copy of a person's family register.
  • If family register becomes more than two pieces, just take without separating.



3 photographs: One piece

Submission photograph standard
 About standard and instructions about photograph for passport application, it is as follows.
 For details,


[standards of photograph]
  • Only applicant was photographed
  • It was photographed within six months before day of submission
  • Thing of size of edgeless 45 millimeters in height X 35 millimeters in width
  • The front direction was hatless and met each dimension of the right figure in no background (as for the dimensions of face from top of the head to chin (chin))
  • Even color is possible with black and white


[photograph which is not good]

  • We do not meet each dimension of photograph standard
  • Of indistinct thing, thing, dirt and wound with thing, shadow changing color there is
  • Brightness and contrast are not suitable
  • By color that background color is light is uniform; do not become plain
  • It is hard to distinguish color of background and hair color, color of skin, color of clothes
  • Image is indistinct with thing which we took with digital cameras, and image quality is not good
  • Expression is greatly different from normal face (as for the thing that, e.g., we greatly open mouth and see tooth more than required, impossible)
  • Iris of the eye comes red out by thing, reflection that iris of the eye of are chipped off by reflection of light
  • Things that eye is incomprehensible in thing which light reflects on lens of glasses, thing that frame of glasses hangs over eyes, shadow of frame
  • We wear sunglasses, mask, color contact
  • As for headband or the ribbon, we wear a hair ornament
  • A part of the face is covered with earrings, pierced earrings
  • It extremely changes color with hair, and hair hangs over eyes and overturns with a part of the face
  • Neck is covered with turtleneck, scarf




  • Brought photograph is copied by passport.
  • As there are small regulations including size and standard, you appoint with passport use in photograph shops if possible, and please take.
  • As photograph photographed in digital camera, box does not often meet standard, please be careful.
  • In the case of inappropriate photograph, we may ask for retake.                           




4 identity verification documents (thing which is effective in the original. We cannot accept with copy.)

(1) Please present one point from next.

○Japan passport (thing of the valid inside or thing within six months after the validity expiration)

○Driver's license

○Driving career certificate (thing issued after ※ April 1, 2012)

○Seaman's pocket ledger  

○Certificate of competency in seamanship  

○Small ship operation driver's license

○Hunting gun, air rifle possession permit  

○War disabled notebook  

○Identification of residential land building transactions person (identification of registered real estate transaction manager)

○Electric construction person certificate  

○Wireless worker driver's license  

○Authorized electric construction worker certificate

○Special electric construction qualified person certificate  

○Proof of the sky-resistant examiner

○Aviation worker skill certificate  

○Navigation manager technical skill test pass certificate

○Powered vehicle vehicle driver driver's license  

○Instruction qualification certificate

○Pass certificate to prescribe in guard business method Article 23 Paragraph 4

○My number card (personal number card)

○Basic Resident Register card with photograph

○Certificate of the physically disabled (thing that prevention of photograph washing and stretching is accomplished) with photograph

○Government offices (including incorporated administrative agency, government-affiliated corporation, local incorporated administrative agency) clerkship certificate (thing of photograph pasting)


(2) But, as for the person who does not have (1) mentioned above, the presentation (submission), please do two points for each one point from i from i and ro when there is not ro.

※Thing which is impossible of combination: i+ ro ○, i ●+ ro ●i ●+ i ●ro ○ + ro ●ro ●+ ro ●)


○Health insurance card (health insurance card, national health insurance card, sailor health insurance card, mutual aid union card)

○Identification of elderly aged 75 or over medical care person insured 

○Identification of Nursing insurance person insured

○Rente, notebook (national pension, welfare annuity, seamen's insurance pension, mutual pension, pension certificate)

○Seal registration certificate (we bring registration mark. ○Even as for the thing of family nurturer (● person in parental authority) of the same household, possible.)

 ※When we present seal registration certificate of family nurturer of the same household, resident's card which family nurturer was listed in is necessary.

  But resident's card is unnecessary as we can confirm by family register when we perform in person in parental authority.

●Pension book (thing without pension number) 

●Certificate of the physically disabled (things without photograph)

●Nursing notebook (things without photograph) 

●Certificate of student registration


○Qualification (all with photograph) which student identification card, identification card of company, public organization issued

○Driving career certificate (thing issued before ※ March 31, 2012)

●It is passport more than six months after the expiration for validity 

●Travel book for returning home

●Nursing notebook (with photograph)


 ※When the presentation of identity verification documents or submission is difficult in infants, child students (junior high student or younger), applicant is available for application in identity verification documents of legal representative, too.

 But legal representative needs that it is appeared to window.




5 passports (only in that has been acquired before)

 Person that passport has been acquired before, please bring the passport.

 But please offer so at window when the passport is lost.




6 resident's cards (we do not need in principle because it is searchable with the nationwide resident-registry network)

 As we can confirm resident's card by "resident-registry network system" (the nationwide resident-registry network), as a general rule, it is unnecessary.

 But copying (one) of resident's card issued for less than six months before application day is necessary for the next person.

(1) Person who does whereabouts application (applying in the metropolis and districts residing now not the metropolis and districts having resident registration)

       ※About requirements of whereabouts application and required document, please confirm by passport window of residing municipalities or prefectural International Affairs Division passport charge.


(2) Person who does not hope for information retrieval by resident-registry network system in the application window


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