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Window of application, receipt of passport is passport window of municipalities made principle, resident registration.
For more details, please see "window of application, receipt".


Eligible people of setsu*sarusei

 In people having passport during validity now,

  • Passport that validity became within one year
  • Passport (when lacuna of visa column of passport decreases, we can do "supplementary application" only for once.) that lacuna of visa column decreased
  • Person who damaged passport
  • Passport that the items mentioned (full name, the metropolis and districts name of permanent address) were changed

        ※When full name and the metropolis and districts name of permanent address have change, "the items mentioned change application is possible, too".



     Passport number changes to remake passport newly.

     For remaining validity of passport you have, we are cut off now.



Required document


1 public passport issuance application: One of them

  • We put application to passport window, prefectural International Affairs Division passport person in charge of municipalities.
  • We can download application from Ministry of Foreign Affairs homepage.

   Ministry of Foreign Affairs HP (passport application downloading) We open with the other window(external link)

  • As for people 20 years or older, validity can choose business or five years business for ten years.
  • People under 20 validity for five years drink.




  • As applications are different, please be careful by business and five years business for ten years.
  • There is item which applicant fills in on application. Except infants who cannot write character and preschooler, applicant, please fill out by all means.
  • About application of minor, signature that legal representative (person in parental authority or guardian) had handwriting of is necessary for "legal representative signature" on the back of the application column.

2 copies of a person's family register or abridgment: One (thing which family register contents at the time of application can identify with thing within six months from day of issue of an edition)

 When the items mentioned (full name, the metropolis and districts name of permanent address) do not have change, in people 20 years or older, we can omit copy of a person's family register or abridged copy.

 ※As it is necessary to fill out application to lot number of permanent address as well as the metropolis and districts of permanent address, please confirm permanent address beforehand.


   People under 20, temporary returnee need submission of copy of a person's family register or abridgment.



3 photographs: One piece

Submission photograph standard
 About standard and instructions about photograph for passport application, it is as follows.
 For details,
[standards of photograph]
  • Only applicant was photographed
  • It was photographed within six months before day of submission
  • Thing of size of edgeless 45 millimeters in height X 35 millimeters in width
  • The front direction was hatless and met each dimension of the right figure in no background (as for the dimensions of face from top of the head to chin (chin))
  • Even color is possible with black and white


[photograph which is not good]

  • We do not meet each dimension of photograph standard
  • Of indistinct thing, thing, dirt and wound with thing, shadow changing color there is
  • Brightness and contrast are not suitable
  • By color that background color is light is uniform; do not become plain
  • It is hard to distinguish color of background and hair color, color of skin, color of clothes
  • Image is indistinct with thing which we took with digital cameras, and image quality is not good
  • Expression is greatly different from normal face (as for the thing that, e.g., we greatly open mouth and see tooth more than required, impossible)
  • Iris of the eye comes red out by thing, reflection that iris of the eye of are chipped off by reflection of light
  • Things that eye is incomprehensible in thing which light reflects on lens of glasses, thing that frame of glasses hangs over eyes, shadow of frame
  • We wear sunglasses, mask, color contact
  • As for headband or the ribbon, we wear a hair ornament
  • We put earrings, thing which a part of the face is covered with pierced earrings, outstanding ornament
  • It extremely changes color with hair, and hair hangs over eyes and overturns with a part of the face
  • Neck is covered with turtleneck, scarf




  • Brought photograph is copied by passport.
  • As there are small regulations including size and standard, you appoint with passport use in photograph shops if possible, and please take.
  • As photograph photographed in digital camera, box does not often meet standard, please be careful.
  • In the case of inappropriate photograph, we may ask for retake.                           



Passport during 4 validity

 Take passport during validity by all means.



5 resident's cards (we do not need in principle because it is searchable with the nationwide resident-registry network)

 As we can confirm resident's card by "resident-registry network system" (the nationwide resident-registry network), as a general rule, it is unnecessary.

 But copying (one) of resident's card issued for less than six months before application day is necessary for the next person.

(1) Person who does whereabouts application (applying in the metropolis and districts residing now not the metropolis and districts having resident registration)

    ※About requirements of whereabouts application and required document, please confirm by passport window of residing municipalities or prefectural International Affairs Division passport charge.

(2) Person who does not hope for information retrieval by resident-registry network system in the application window












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