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Council for Saga Healthy youth development [Future of Children Division]

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Name  Council for Saga Healthy youth development 
Setting grounds  Saga Healthy youth development by-law 
The setting date  November 1, 1977
The number of the committee members  20 people
Term  Two years
The deliberation matters   ・Important matter about young healthy upbringing 
Full name, post of committee member

Honorific title abbreviation

 Member of name Yoko Wada prefecture bar association

 Yoshifumi Sawano Saga newspaper publisher editing general manager

 Associate Professor at Shuji Yamada Nishikyushu University child department 

 Kifumi Nishimura Nishikyushu University child department psychology counseling chairman

 Katsuto Noda    The Prefectural Assembly education public welfare Standing Committee committee member


 Hiroshi Hori    Prefectural high school student instruction league secretary general

 Hiroko Morooka prefecture area woman contact meeting director 

 Yasuyo Kimura Saga-shi (Morotomi district) local welfare officer children's committee meeting chairperson 

 Mayumi Nakayama prefectural PTA federation mother committee member 

 Tsukahara treetop prefectural high school PTA federation's vice-chairperson

 Tashiro gets along with each other; prefectural youth development adviser contact meeting member

 Director of Ebara new child prefecture child club federation

 Hideyuki Haga prefecture performance life hygiene trade association union member

 teiyo     Prefectural bookstore trade association's director


 Nobuko Ekimoto identification nonprofit undertaking corporation IT support saga secretary general 

 Yuka Amano FamilyMart Co.,Ltd. Kyushu region store administration group sst trainer

 Masaki Katsuragi Saga Family Court judge

 Masako Tokunaga Saga probation office probation officer

Public deliberation in Houses, secrecy  Exhibition 
The secretariat department in charge name

 The Department of Health and Welfare man and woman participation in planning, child station Future of Children Division

 Telephone 0952-25-7350

 FAX 0952-25-7339

 E-mail [email protected]  


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