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Furusato Nouzei "measure support course"

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 In Saga, we are wanting to do "we want you to be such Saga" in "form" through utilization of donation to take "thought" and "request" of various places of donor including "we want the field of ○○ to add pressure".

 From such a thought, you have a choice between 16 business about use of donation as "measure support course". It is small, but sends article of thanks like Saga.


 But please note that these accept as "appointment contribution" (thing which we judge distribution to each field while donor hoping for some kind of purpose about own donation, and respecting this as the prefecture and utilize) as "burden contribution belonging to" to justPDF set of Local Government Act Article 96 Paragraph 1 No. 9 We open with the other window(PDF: 76.6 kilobytes) (thing which the prefecture assumes a legal obligation as conditions of contribution, and affects the effect of contribution including cancellation of the contribution concerned in the case of the failure).

 In addition, about the utilization situation, we tell through news from Furusato Nouzei once a year and send even homepage and Facebook at any time.


Nature, environment of Saga

1) Maintenance, reproduction of sea "Ariake Sea" of treasure

  2) Maintenance of special natural beauty spot "Nijinomatsubara"

                  Maintenance, reproduction of sea "Ariake Sea" of treasure

We convey precious creatures such as mudspringers, charm of Ariake Sea including the best high and low tide difference in Japan and utilize for activity to raise awareness to protect. 


Photo courtesy: Federation of sightseeing in Saga


           Maintenance of special natural beauty spot "Nijinomatsubara"

One of Japan's three biggest Matsubara, "Nijinomatsubara." Inhabitants cooperate with the local government and inflect for maintenance activity to continue, and to perform.


Photo courtesy: Federation of sightseeing in Saga

<main purpose>

 Promotion of enlightenment activity and clean up activity, protection of the animals and plants 


<main purpose>

 Maintenance activities of citizen of the prefecture participation


Tradition, history of Saga 

3) Utilization of special historic spot "Yoshinogari site"  


Excavated article of Yoshinogari site is released in exhibition rooms in Yoshinogari Historical Park, but displays precious remains which we cannot display for a long term by making the replica and reconstruction product. In addition, it is necessary for metal products which are easy to corrode among excavated articles to process preservation to leave in the future, but there is product which we cannot still carry out.
Therefore by pushing forward preservation processing of thing and metal product making new replica and reconstruction product by donation that had, more attractive more clearly; utilize so that is displayed.


<main purpose>

 Making such as replicas for display for expenses of preservation of important material


Education of Saga

4) Improvement of child book of library and natural digital large all sorts of subject   5) Wanted! Oh, we do and do not drain! Study is financially fulfilling

Child book

In Saga The Prefectural Library, all the articles purchase new book child book for environment creation that children are connected to book anywhere anytime.
Natural digital large all sorts of subject of Saga that is released on Saga The Prefectural Library homepage in summer vacation of problem study and children to be able to put to learn for days is utilized in studies widely freely. In addition, there is much number of the access from foreign countries, and fish, insect, interest to inhabit Japan (Saga) in plant are put to various places of the world.
We utilize donation for the purchase costs of new book child book and operation fee of natural digital large all sorts of subject of Saga.


           Students attending school
To protect bud of possibility of children who cannot but give up study for financial reason! We increase loan limit of scholarship fund.


<main purpose>

  The all the articles purchase of new book child book, improvement of natural digital large all sorts of subject of Saga


<main purpose>

 Expansion of loan frame of scholarship fund 

6) Support old school! Designated contribution of prefectural school   7) Support of Shoto school building

School building of high school

Wish is ... by the repayment of favor to old school and progress of school. We can support Saga Prefectural school by contribution that we appointed.
When we distribute school budget of the next fiscal year, we add to normal school budget, and contribution that we had distributes.
Your feeling touches good old old school.

Photograph of Shoto school building 

To you who carry the next generation….

Student dormitory for person from Saga that Shoto school building enters a school of higher grade in metropolitan area. We establish by Shigenobu Okuma and others in 1924, and Saga scholarship association is operating now. Because student including holding of facilities repair and exchange meeting lives comfortable dormitory life, donation makes use.

<main purpose>

 Improvement of instructional activity or facility of prefectural school which donor appoints


<main purpose>

 Equipment servicing and administration support of Shoto school building


The welfare, medical care of Saga 

8) Support of dog and cat transfer business


9) Promotion of heavy particle line cancer treatment

           Dog and cat transfer business
Dog and cat transfer center "isshokenne" did OPEN in March, 2015. In Saga, we promote Kindness to animals business towards "society where people and animal can live together". We apply in enlightenment of health care and aptitude breeding including vaccine, and donation reduces killing. 


Heavy particle line cancer treatment facility is inner

For advanced medical care to cure of without cutting good for your health, promotion of heavy particle line cancer treatment "Kyushu International Heavy Ion Beam Therapy Center (nickname supports facility administration of SAGA HIMAT.

<main purpose>

 Vaccine expense for health maintenance of dog and cat and expense for transfer, enlightenment expense of breeding for life appropriate breeding

  <main purpose>

 Maintenance administration support of SAGA HIMAT

※SAGA HIMAT card is presented to donated person from the public interest foundation Saga international heavy particle line cancer treatment foundation.

10) Improvement of pediatric care

 11) The spread of organ transplantation promotion


12) Keep smile of children! Improvement of pediatric care

By carrying out support of security countermeasures and medical institution of pediatrician, plan improvement of pediatric care. We keep smile of children carrying the next generation of Saga by improvement of pediatric care and support healthy growth! 


 Organ donation


Organ transplantation transplants healthy organ of other people in where organ did not function by disease and accident and is medical care to revive function. There are about 14,000 registering people who wish to transplant organ in Japan. However, there are few offers of organ and dies while a lot of waits for transplant.
Is saved only by transplant; perform activities to plan maintenance, reinforcement of enlightenment activity having many people deepen recognition and understanding about transplant medical care and the organ transplantation system to keep itself alive, and promote the spread of organ transplantation in Saga.

 <main purpose>

 Security countermeasures of pediatrician, support of medical institution pertaining to pediatric care

  <main purpose>

 The spread enlightenment flyer manufacture costs


Spirit, culture of Saga

 12) Let's support professional sports team!

 13) 2023 of you and new sports scene to make


Professional sports 4 teams

Achievement of professional sports team leads to local "pride" and "hope" and "dream" of children.

The professional sports team is coming under a serious influence for new coronavirus infectious disease now. All the members will support professional team which is local "treasure" as a team so that team is long, and dream and hope are continued giving by all of you without running out of light (hi) of sports!

In support of your team feeling. And for vitality local progress of team.

Donation that we had distributes for each appointed team, and, through approach that matched each, tie to achievement of team and let we are well, and area strain by power of sports.

Saga arena

 "We support with everybody joining will that Saga brings up athlete together in the next generation"
We utilize contribution from all of you for holding of environmental maintenance and 2023 Saga people athletic meets, whole country person with a disability athletic meet to enjoy upbringing, support (SAGA sports pyramid plan) of athlete challenging the world and sports including SAGA sunrise park.

 <main purpose>


For following professional 4 teams, we perform available support leading to team power reinforcement or use upbringing.

(1)Sagan Tosu (soccer)

(2)HISAMITSU PHARMACEUTICAL springs (volleyball)

(3)Saga barunazu (basketball)

(4)Karatsu Leo Brach's Leo Niners (three system basketball)

 <main purpose>

 (1)Let's bring up athlete related to Saga together!

  (athlete upbringing, support)

 (2)We mend SAGA sunrise park together!

  (maintenance of sports environment)

 (3)Let's enliven country sports, zensho sports together!

  (holding of 2,023 sports, zensho sports)      nado




 14) Living and the future of Saga that local line supports

 15) For traffic accident zero!

Tara Station

Some sections of the prefecture local line face severe management environment against a backdrop of decreases in population along the line.
But it is means of transportation necessary for daily "living" including shopping and going to hospital for people along the line and is attending school means that is necessary for student carrying "in" future of Saga.
In the prefecture, we work on regional activation by inflection to maintenance and sightseeing of local line necessary for such an area.
Please, about local line supporting living and the future of Saga, your warm support, please.



 We raise Traffic safety awareness in the prefecture through citizen of the prefecture participation type event and Public relations and aim at Saga that is security/safety which there is not of traffic accident!
<main purpose>

 Tour map manufacture costs, rent-a-bicycle business (securing of second traffic) support

  <main purpose>

 Holding of citizen of the prefecture participation type event

 16) Promotion of town development that is security/safety  


We utilize for support of voluntary crime prevention activity, crime prevention activity that cooperated with affiliate to realize society which we can live on security for in peace without encountering damage of crime.
We utilize for support and understanding promotion to snuggle up to feelings such as crime victims that crime victims receive necessary support and can live a peaceful life early without suffering second damage.

 <main purpose>

 Activity costs of crime prevention volunteer, holding costs of message exhibition of lecture, life



About article of thanks of measure support course
It is small, but sends article of thanks like Saga to person who had you support Saga as "measure support course". For more details, please see "article of measure support course thanks" introduction page.
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