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About summary of polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB) waste

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Summary of PCB waste

 PCB was water-clear, and it was stable, and it was flame retardant and was electrically insulative, and it was used for transformer and condenser, fluorescent lamp stabilizer as insulating oil of electric appliance widely chemically by characteristic such as being superior.

 Triggered by Kanemi Rice-Oil yusho case that happened in 1968, the toxicity such as the carcinogenicity, dermatopathy, internal organs disorder, hormone abnormality became social problem while it looked like it, and production, import, use was prohibited in principle in 1973.


 Establishment (they take effect by the end of the same year) did PCB special measures law to promote certain and appropriate processing of PCB waste, and, in 2001, country further devised "polychlorinated biphenyl waste disposal treatment basic plan" (they say "basic plan" as follows.) based on said law. After the enforcement of said law, storage proprietor such as PCB waste tells the prefecture about every storage and disposal situation in the year and are required to entrust with disposal in time limit.


 In addition, after PCB special measures law establishment, change of revision of laws and ordinances concerned and basic plan was performed to the current situation of disposal of PCB waste. By revisions such as PCB special measures law of latest May, 2016, "disposal period" is set newly, and high density PCB waste entrusts low concentration PCB waste with disposal by March 31, 2027 within one year before deadline for premeditated processing completion; is different.


 In addition, in late years case that PCB of very small amount (several mg/kg - dozens of mg/kg) got mixed with to electric apparatus made after 1975 said that we do not use PCB in the manufacturing process becomes clear. Such an electric apparatus analyzes concentration of insulating oil of apparatuses and will have you handle as low-concentrated PCB waste or industrial waste by analysis.








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