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About mercurial use product industrial waste, mercury-containing soot and dust

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 With a part of cabinet ordinance (2015 cabinet ordinance No. 376) which revised a part of the law enforcement order about disposal of waste and cleaning up being enforced on October 1, 2017, relations departmental orders were maintained, and "use product industrial waste of mercury" and "component soot and dust of mercury" were defined newly. As new correspondence is necessary after October 1, 2017 when we handle industrial waste corresponding to these, please confirm the following link.


Mercurial use product industrial waste

Thing that product of the next division 1 - division 3 became industrial waste is mercurial use product industrial waste.

  • Division 1 raises to list shown below among mercury use products
  • Product (in table except thing pertaining to thing with cross) which includes group of product of division 1 division 2
  • Product that indication about use of mercury or the compound is done division 3


 We become a target of use of division table 1 mercury product industrial waste


 Mercury cell  


 Discharge tube (we include vapor lamp (fluorescent tube and HID lamp and, only for thing which mercury can identify by viewing, remove).



 Air zinc battery 


 Mercurial resistance standard  


 Switch and relay (thing which mercury can identify by viewing)



 Differential pressure-type flowmeter 


 Fluorescent tube (including cold cathode fluorescent lamp and outside electrode fluorescent tube)





 HID lamp (high brightness vapor lamp)



 Mercurial indentation technique measuring equipment 


 Vapor lamp (except fluorescent tube and HID lamp)



 Frequency standard plane




 Gas analyzer (we remove thing which assumes mercury standard material.) 




 The capacity form power meter




 Dripping mercury electrode


 Liquid column form pressure gauge 


 Reference electrode 


 Elastic pressure gauge (diagram Fulham-type thing)



 Gas generators (we heat up or reduce mercury which it incorporated, and vaporizing thing is best.) such as mercury 


 Pressure transmission device (diagram Fulham-type thing)



 Hand dynamometer 


 Vacuum gauge



 Pharmaceutical products 


 Glass thermometer 


 Mercurial preparation 


 Repletion pressure type thermometer of mercury



 Preparation of mercurous chloride 


 Mercurial thermometer 


 Preparation of mercuric chloride 


 Mercury-type sphygmomanometer 


 Preparation of iodinated second mercury 


 Fixed temperature point cell 


 The nitric acid first mercurial preparation 





 Preparation of mercuric nitrate 


 Boiler (thing used for two fluid cycles) 


 Thiocyanic acid second mercurial preparation 
(21) Whirligig of lighthouse 


 Preparation of phenylmercuric acetate 


 Mercurial trim heel adjuster    No. 19 color corresponds to cross only for applied thing 


  ※There is collection duty of mercury about thing having parenthesis in the number.

  ※About No. 11 elastic pressure gauge and No. 12 pressure transmission device, collection duty of mercury applies to everything not only diagram Fulham-type thing.


Main mercurial use product example and distinction method that are targeted for division 1




Distinction method 

 Primary cell

  • Mercury cell
  • Air zinc battery
Primary cell
  • Article number (mercury cell)
  • Article number, domestic maker (air zinc battery)


  • Fluorescent tube
  • HID lamp
  • Vapor lamp
 Fluorescent tubeHID lamp
 Article number, use, shape


  Ingredient indication

 Metering equipment 1

  • Thermometer
  • Hygrometer
  • Barometer
  • Sphygmomanometer
  • Thermometer
 It is visually confirmed metal mercury

 Metering equipment 2

  • Pressure gauge
  • Vacuum gauge
 Scale board, tablet in the body

 Discharge tube

(only for thing which mercury can identify by viewing, vapor lamp is excluded.)

  • Amplifier
  • Radio


 It is visually confirmed metal mercury


  • Mercurial vermilion
  • Cinnabar

 Pharmaceutical products

  • We include Mercurochrome (Mercurochrome)
  • We include thimerosal (vaccine)
 Attached document, ingredient indication, name

 Sawing such as mercury

  • Preparation of mercury or mercurial compound
 Ingredient indication, name 



Product example including group targeted for division 2


 Product example including target groupProduct of division 1 used in the left note product 
 Hearing aid, exposure meter of silversalt camera Mercury cell
 Hearing aid, pager (pager) Air zinc battery
 Diesel engine, medical equipment (gas sterilizer), picnometer, ignition point testing equipment Glass thermometer
 Vermilion (but done product or works such as application, sealing exclude color and vermilion) Color 
 Polarographic device Dripping mercury electrode


※Because the following has difficult distinction of what is incorporated, we are inapplicable

  • Switch and product which includes group of relay, fluorescent tube, HID lamp, vapor lamp, elastic pressure gauge, pressure transmission device, vacuum gauge, mercurial repletion pressure type thermometer or frequency standard machine
  • Color was applied 

Mercurial use product example targeted for division 3

 When it becomes industrial waste, about mercurial use product shown mercury is used, we correspond to use product industrial waste of mercury.
  • Notation (e.g.,: mercury) with Japanese
  • Chemical symbol (Hg)
  • Notation (Mercury) by English
  • J-Moss mercury-containing indication (as for one chart below)
 Mercury-containing indication

Mercury-containing soot and dust

 Thing that polluted thing became waste to mercury or the compound is mercurial pollutant, but thing corresponding to the next condition with industrial waste which does not correspond to management industrial waste particularly soon is treated as component soot and dust of mercury. In addition, mercury-containing soot and dust including mercury uniformity or more are obliged to carry out collection of mercury at the time of disposal, reproduction. 


[objects such as mercury-containing soot and dust]

Type of waste

Objects such as mercury-containing soot and dust

 Object of collection duty of mercury

 Cinder, sludge,

 ko sai, soot and dust

 We contain mercurial (※) more than 15 mg/kg  We contain mercurial (※) 1,000 mg/kg or more 
 Waste acid, abolished alkali We contain mercurial (※) more than 15 mg/L  We contain mercurial (※) 1,000 mg/L or more 

 ※We include mercury included in mercurial compound.



Reference materials

Ministry of the Environment homepage (waste relations of mercury) We open with the other window(external link)


PDF About the enforcement such as cabinet ordinances revising a part of the law enforcement order about disposal of waste and cleaning up on August 8, 2017 (notice) We open with the other window(PDF: 2.41 megabytes)

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