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 Saga government building (1887 old) was destroyed by fire, and, on February 18, 1949, current old building was built in the next year by fire. We introduced using document and drawing, photograph at the time about damage situation and prefectural government building revival plan of fire, state of construction.

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 Damage report
The damage situation
Saga prefectural government office government building destruction by fire report and restoration plan

(February 21, 1949)

From *satsu "prefectural office building works documents" (1949) 

 As north wind, fall wind blew mainly on the day of the fire occurrence, we spread from main building of cause to direction of the south, the east. We added government building of kokukeihombu which was next to the main building west to having been located in the wind, and there was not damage thanks to fire prevention door and fire-resistant structure of iron.



The front design

Prefectural government building new construction plan plan

From *satsu "bill discussion original book" (1949)

Prefectural government building front design

From *satsu "prefectural office building works documents" (1949)


 Saga repeated merger since establishment of prefectures in place of feudal domains of 1871 (Meiji 4), and prefectural government building passed through place, too. When we independently separated from Nagasaki in 9(1876) year, construction plan of new prefectural government building happened. Donation from citizen of the prefecture was allotted for building expenses including person of old Saga feudal lord Nabeshima, and, in 20(1887) nine a year month, wooden 2-story government building of style was completed in the current prefectural office site in the Renaissance.

 On the middle of the night of February 18, 1949 (Showa 24), a fire broke out from the inside hall, and we spread to all the buildings in a moment, and fire was destroyed by fire by a total of 1,727 tsubos including prefectural government building Main Building and the neighboring buildings. Only four big stone pillars of the front entrance were left to the ruin of a fire. On the fire afternoon of the day, The Prefectural Assembly general meeting was held, and the rebuilding of government building of steel reinforced concrete construction 4 stories that we made use of stone pillar which remained unburned in was decided. Construction started construction in December of the year, and, on December 14, 1950 (Showa 25) about one year later, prefectural government building Main Building was completed.
 As the times advanced, there was the issue of lack of government building area accompanied with increase of task which the administration carries out on it's own responsibility, and, after construction to cross for about four years eight months for two quarters from 1988 (Showa 63), new administration ridge of the second floor of the basement, the eleventh floor of the ground, penthouse 3 stories was completed in the west of main building in 1994 (Heisei 6). Main building and new administration ridge change old building, new building and name each, and they continue up to the present day from 2017.

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