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Let's prevent traffic accident

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Let's utilize reflector

    Among traffic fatal accidents that occurred in Saga in the past, all the members of passed away during walk did not wear reflector by night.

 We may not see people from driver by night even if we can see light of car from people.
 It leads to accident prevention to show own existence for car.
 Let's utilize reflector to follow command of important families from traffic accident as well as you.


No reflectorThere is reflector
          When we do not wear reflector article          When we wear reflector article



With reflector

   When light of headlight of car is successful, reflector is just reflected.

   Therefore, the person cannot confirm the effect, but, from driver, we shine very well and are seen.

   It is connected in preventing traffic accident beforehand because we can tell driver about own existence early when we put on reflector in the body.








To walkers

   Various goods are sold to reflector to thing of seal type that hat or sneakers can attach on thing which reflection material has been already used for and belonging to like, key ring type to attach to back other than basic things such as cord or wristband.

   Each one will take measures because we put on reflector which it is easy to take in by yourself in the body and do not encounter traffic accident! 


Reflector wearing




To all of use of bicycle

   We turn on light early if we ride bicycle and put on reflector in the body, and let's tell the neighborhood about own existence.

Bicycle reflector



To drivers

Car will turn on light early to discover walker early, and to evade accident if it is 5:00 p.m.

As for the light of car, high beam is general rule.

Person of blackish clothes can find about 20 meters, people in clothes which are bright (are whitish) from driver from car by night when car runs at 60 kilometers per an hour with headlight as low beam (we look down) even if distance that people who wore about 40 meters, reflector from car are about 60 meters or more is away apart.

Furthermore, it can light up to front 100 meters ahead when we make headlight of car high beam (upswing) and can discover walker early.


                                                      High beam illustration






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