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To prevent theft, accident of poison and dynamite

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Storage management method for prevention such as theft, accident 

Let's appoint 1 administrator. 

 In the company, we appoint administrator, and let's make responsibility of storage management clear.

 In addition, you must put person responsible for handling poisons and deleterious substances for each office when you perform poisonous and deleterious substances production, import and sales supplier and electroplating processing, metal heat-treatment.

Let's keep in remote what from 2 site boundary lines.

 It is necessary for poison dynamite to keep anyone not to be able to approach easily. We are more likely to give people who do not know the handling harm when we put in place getting other than person concerned in hand at the same time to become at great risk of theft. 

 Specifically, let's be careful about the following points.

  • We do not put near window of building.
    We destroy windowpane and may be stolen even if we locked window. In addition, passerby may meet damage when we drop poison dynamite outside by mistake when we opened window.
  • We perform Closed to the Public measure surely.
    If site boundary line is near, we are more likely to confirm poisonous dynamite. Person with interest may invade site boundary line without fences on this occasion. We keep away from boundary line enough, or let's take measures that general person does not bring close easily. 

3 deposit will make perfect what of eyes.

 It is necessary for manager to always grasp where is poison dynamite how long. It prevents theft to manage in the place where watch works.

 In addition, we will protect oneself and neighboring people from harm of poison dynamite as we can give a quick response at the time of disaster such as earthquake and fire.

 Specifically, let's be careful about the following points.

  • Let's put in place that can confirm yes or no of poison dynamite including place to see from seat.
  • As for the poison, "the outside poison for medicine" specifies dynamite with "the outside dynamite for medicine" by rubric on cloth of white background by Chinese classics character to Akachi so that anyone understands that it is container of poison dynamite.

Poison drama indication

  • You must not use container of food and drink as container of poison dynamite. Accident accepting by mistake may occur.
  • We display poison dynamite on shelf to display, and let's distinguish from other things definitely.
  • Let's put in export, place where we can evacuate to quickly to prevent secondary disaster for at the time of disaster.
  • Fear of theft becomes higher without being able to confirm that people entered when we put poisonous dynamite on the entrance side in offices of one-room apartment.

Place retaining 4 will lock.

 Let's use lock system of the storage of solid storage to manage severe storage.
 In addition, for thorough management of key, let's perform the following measures well.

  • Let's make manager of key clear
  • Let's perform check of amount of key regularly.
    In addition, duplicate key will make minimum.
  • When we use key, we fill out check table or let's do management such as getting permission of person in charge.
  • It will prevent you from putting key in place to be able to take to anyone.

Let's manage at the time of 5 transportation severely.

 At the time of transportation, we have consciousness to be manager of poison dynamite well, and let's work carefully as we do not fall into the hands of general people.

 Specifically, let's be careful about the following points.

  • It will prevent you from piling up before transportation beforehand.
    In addition, it will prevent you from parking with loading onto car.
  • During transportation, container drops and loads vehicle not to make any falling down and, at the time of delivery in transportation ahead, carries out article name, amount confirmation thoroughly, and let's prevent loss.
  • When we carry by trucks, let's tighten many ropes on seat.
    In addition, we spread plastic sheet and rubber mat in carrier and will pile up neutralizer and absorbents.
  • We plurally carry and do and will prevent suspicious individual from approaching car.
  • Let's show it is poison dynamite clearly.

Let's perform management for prevention of 6 loss.

 We add "poisonous dynamite management book" to management of poison dynamite, and let's confirm consumption and residual quantity routinely. We know theft, loss immediately by performing check of amount regularly. In addition, we will dispose of unnecessary poison dynamite which we do not use appropriately early.

Let's take measures of prevention of 7 leaks, outflow.

 It is said that place handling poison dynamite is concrete, and let's do with facilities which stood on property of poison dynamite to treat.
 We can prevent harm by poisonous dynamite to neighboring inhabitants by taking leak, measure of prevention of outflow. At the same time, we prevent poison dynamite from falling into the hands of the outside easily.


Let's maintain prevention of 8 harm regulations.

 In every respect type and aspect, work procedure, contents of abnormal situation to handle by office vary in harm of poison dynamite. Thing which summarized preventive measures against harm that each office accepted the fact in voluntary model is "prevention of poisonous and deleterious substances harm regulation".


Content to summarize in prevention of harm regulations

  • Person working on storage of poison dynamite or the handling, person checking the facilities, report to related organizations at the time of accident and matter about duties of person performing emergent measures and organization
  • Matter about method of storage of poison dynamite or work pertaining to the handling
  • Matter about method of storage of poison dynamite and check such as facilities pertaining to the handling
  • Matter about storage of poison dynamite and maintenance of facilities pertaining to the handling or repair
  • Report to related organizations at the time of accident and matter about emergent measures activity
  • Matter about storage of poison dynamite and education of working person of the handling and person conserving the facilities and training
  • In addition, matter which you must observe to prevent harm in hygiene

Prevention of harm prescribed model

If 9 theft, loss, accident occurs

 If theft, loss, accident of poison dynamite occurs, please connect with related organizations immediately.

  • When scattering, leak, exudation begins to flow
    Please connect
    with police station, fire department, public health center (Public Health and Welfare Office).
  • When we steal or it is lost
    Please connect
    with police station.
    When harm occurred, is calm; let's select person in charge to notify beforehand to be able to deal. In addition, we will decide what you would do in absence of person in charge.

 Let's make the preparations with measures to check damage.
 As you might harm to another person by poison dynamite if you leave unattended, please take measures to check immediately.

  • Let's prohibit entrance.
  • Let's wear tool for protection.
  • We tell people in lee, and let's evacuate.
  • Let's perform dispersion of neutralizer.

 We plan the influence and cannot know that accidents of poison dynamite occur.
 Let's be usually careful to prevent accidents.

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