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 It was year of turning point of 150 years, and, in 2018, as for "the revolution exhibition, allied enterprise was held in the prefecture by the Saga late Tokugawa period before manure" by the Meiji Restoration. For * rukoto 50 years, commemorative project was held in each places of the whole country including country in 1968 (Showa 43) equal to Meiji change of an era 100 years, and setting decision of prefectural museum and Shinrinkoen, offer of memory composition were performed other than commemorative ceremony in Saga. We introduced state at the time from possession material.

[session: for from December 12, 2017 to March 11, 2018]


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100-year memory ceremonyCommemorative ode cover

Commemorative ceremony photograph

From public information saga No. 30 (November 15, 1968 Saga issuance) 

Ode "wish Aratani" commemorative in 1967 score cover

From *satsu "1967 memory event" (1968) 


 In October 23, 1968 (Showa 43), Nippon Budokan of Tokyo 9-dan, commemorative ceremony was held in 1967 hosted by the government. Mainly on this time, ceremony or event to memorialize 1967 were presented nationwide by diversity. About 1,500 people participated in gymnasium of the prefecture on the same day, and, in Saga, anniversary celebration was held in 1967.

 It was decided in commemorative preparations meeting third general meeting in November 2, 1966, 1967 to invite public participation for the lyrics of commemorative ode. Work of Tsuneharu Takita of Iwate was chosen from 4,113 points of application total number and asked Yuzo Toyama for composition and was shown in commemorative ceremony of October 23, 1968. Even anniversary celebration of Saga was sung.


Shinrinkoen drawingShinrinkoen aerial photography

Shinrinkoen one sitting construction drawing

From *satsu "city planning decision (change) Shinrinkoen" (1972) 

Shinrinkoen aerial photograph

1973 shooting


 Forest park started as part of commemorative project in city park which used former riverbed that accrued by duct repair work of the Kase River which we meandered through in 1968 (Showa 43) in 1967. "The center open space", "open space of citizen of the prefecture" was completed "forest of citizen of the prefecture", and the use of general citizen of the prefecture began in 1972.

 Afterwards, decision of city planning as wide area Park of about 52.4 hectares in area is completed by 1996 and starts service of "green forest baseball stadium managed by prefecture" and Kyushu the largest archery ground in 1999 and is opening about 40 hectares now in maintenance plan decision divisions.



Public information saga cover  Article of the 85th anniversary

       Ceremony article of the 85th anniversary of the prefectural government
From public information saga No. 28 (July 15, 1968 Saga issuance) 

 In 1968, we independently separated from Nagasaki and we counted from May 9, 1883 (Meiji 16) when Saga of current area was born and were year called 1985.

 On May 9, about 1,000 people participated, and ceremony of the 85th anniversary of the prefectural government was held grandly in gymnasium of the prefecture. Representative of the prefecture various fields attended at ceremony including special guest of four ex-governors and three former The Prefectural Assembly chairpersons.



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