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... that there was outbreak of measles (measles) patient for measles (measles) in the attention Island ... prefecture to carry

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The patients with measles (measles) occur in the prefecture

  Outbreak of measles (measles) patient continues since measles (measles) patient whom it becomes about nine years since the last occurs in this prefecture on May 5, 2019. The future, infection in the prefecture 
 There is concern about expansion.
  We know measles (measles), and let's be careful.
  In addition, telephone contacts not to transmit to another person when symptom that measles (measles) is doubted develops before having a medical examination in medical facility, measles (measles)
 Please have a medical examination after having conveyed that we might be about to be similar after confirming consultation method (entrance and consultation time).

About measles (measles)

Can be infected with infection course; period

     Measles (measles) is transmitted by droplet infection, contact infection, air infection.

   Period when person whom it developed in transmits to people is three days later after the alleviation of fever from one day ago when symptom develops.

   When person who does not have immunity is infected, it is said that about 100% develop. 



Latency period

   After the infection, it is 10-12 days ※It develops of this after latency period.

   ※In the case of "ornamentation measles", latency period may become more than 14th.


        It is> with <ornamentation measles

   When insufficient person is infected with measles virus though we have, mild, atypical measles may develop in immunity to measles.

        We call such a case "ornamentation measles".

   For example, rash which Koplik spot which fever period not to run high fever that latency period extends has a short does not appear does not appear to whole body only by hands and feet.

   As the infection power becomes the source of infection to person around the weak thing, attention is necessary.



   [the catarrh period]

   Fever about 38 degrees Celsius lasts interval on 2~4 day about ten days later when infected, and a cough, mucus, conjunctiva hyperemia, eye mucus are seen and have loose bowels as digestive organ symptom to 8-30% in infants

  It is accompanied by this and abdominal pain. Spot (Koplik spot) of white develops to buccal mucosa at the time before 1~2 day of rash appearance.


  [the rash period]

   High heat (a lot 39.5 degrees Celsius or more) comes out again during half day after fever in the catarrh period dropped around 1 degree Celsius, and the back of ear is fired special rash, face, body, 

  It spreads in order of upper arm, lower limbs. Fever (39.5 degrees Celsius or more) lasts interval on 3~4 day until rash spreads to whole body.



   When 3~4 days fever that followed enters for convalescence, after the rash appearance, we defervesce, and whole body state improves, and rash fades, too.



   After being easy to merge encephalitis, otitis media, and, also, being infected with measles virus although 1 of 100,000 degree and frequency are not high, sclerosing panencephalitis particularly subacute for the schoolchild period  

 (SSPE) Central nerve disease that this is called may develop.



The prevention

  As infection power is strong, and measles does air infection, we cannot prevent only with hand-washing, mask. It may be said that vaccination of measles vaccine is the most valid method.

 Eligible people of periodical inoculation of measles vaccine ※Person will be vaccinated of this early.


 ※Eligible people of periodical inoculation of measles vaccine

  The first: 1 year old child (in interval before December after birth reaching 24 moon after birth)

  The second: One year (to the day before on day to reach for the time of commencement concerned from day one year before day to be under 5 years or older 7 years old, and to reach for time of commencement of elementary school attendance at school before elementary school entrance to school

      A certain person)


  Person whom even periodical inoculation except eligible people does not correspond to below, please examine inoculation of measles vaccine.

  • There is record which caught measles vaccine more than twice with maternity record books
  • We have suffered from measles (measles) in the past (we have had inspection evidence of with measles)


   In addition, routine immunization which is not object becomes any inoculation (pay).

   In addition, contraception of around two months is with need after the inoculation even if pregnant woman cannot receive inoculation as for the measles vaccine and is not become pregnant



To all of the medical institutions

 When we examined patient with fever and rash, we take possibility of measles into consideration and hear foreign tour career and domestic travel career and confirm incidence career of measles and vaccination career, and medical treatment that was conscious of measles, please.


 When measles is diagnosed, based on regulations of Article 12 Paragraph 1 of "law about medical care for patient of the prevention of infectious disease and infectious disease", we report to prefectural governors (the nearest Public Health and Welfare Office) immediately, and conduct of nosocomial infection prophylaxis that took example by strength of infection of measles, please.

Reference materials

  [Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare making leaflet]

    [Saga Health Promotion Division making leaflet]  


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