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Guidance of "shop of Saga product support" registration system

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Guidance of "shop of Saga product support" registration system

 By registering retail store, restaurant having handle prefectural product in Saga as "shop of Saga product support", of prefectural product disseminate information, and plan market expansion, improvement in popularity.

 Please consider in all of the stores where national Saga product is treated.


The "shop of Saga product support" registration point


 Through store where Saga product is used habitually sales promotion of prefectural product plan disseminating information.


[target store]

 (1) Restaurant

          Store which we turn on dishes, liquor which assumed prefectural product ingredients a year and provide to consumers


   (2) Store

          Store which we turn on prefectural product a year and sell to consumers


[registration requirements]

  1. You show you assume prefectural product ingredients on menu and post that you sell prefectural product in shop, and disseminate information of prefectural product for consumers.
  2. Observe the food hygiene law, laws and ordinances including food notation concerned.
  3. Not being store having gang, relations that should be criticized with gangster socially.
  4. The prefectural inside and outside, home and abroad do not matter to the location of store.


[registration procedure]

  1. Store which you wish to register submits registration application (attached sheet style 1) to Saga distribution, trade section (we say "the prefecture" as follows.).
  2. When we receive 1 submission, we confirm the mention contents immediately and register the prefecture as "shop of Saga product support".
  3. The prefecture issues registration document (appended form 2) on registering 2.
  4. The prefecture arranges expiration date of registration and can update automatically unless there was prior proposal of registration refusal from registration store.


[PR of registration store]

  1. The prefecture publicizes registration store for posting list of stores on "Saga homepage".
  2. The prefecture offers PR material (mini-flag) pertaining to "shop of Saga product support" to registration store. 



The registration situation 

  • Saga: 86 stores
  • Tokyo: 30 stores
  • Osaka: 12 stores
  • Fukuoka: 8 stores
  • Saitama: 3 stores
  • Kyoto: 2 stores
  • Chiba: 1 store
  • Hyogo: 1 store
  • Foreign countries: 20 stores


  In total: 163 stores


     ※We may change about information of each store from point in time when we registered.


  ※Commencing with the business situation of the present, we would appreciate your asking each store directly for more information about individual stores. 


Registration applications

[registration application]
 Is email, FAX after entry in the following styles; to Saga Department of Industry and Labor distribution, trade section please send.



   <shop registration document of Saga product support>           <mini-flag>

 Shop certificate of support    de


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