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The young people delegation of Guizhou, China visited Saga and interchanged with Karatsu west High School

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Saga and Guizhou, China exchange "memorandum about friendship interchange" in 2012, and they promote youth exchange, various interchange including sports interchange until now.

Karatsu west High School (ji*junaokocho) participates in "Saga youth exchange promotion business to be connected to the world" that Saga carries out from 2013, and they interchange with junior high school attached to Guizhou instructor University.

On Friday, July 27, 2018, 13 Guizhou young people delegations (ten students, leading three) visited Karatsu west High School and deepened friendship.

This delegation consisted of student and teacher of junior high school attached to all the members Guizhou instructor University.


States of interchange of the day are as follows.

Friday, July 27 Karatsu west High School


◆9:05 - reception


Mr. 01_ Vice Principal Eguchi greetings A 02_ king principal greetings 03_ school introduction
          Both prefectures representative-saving greetings                    School introduction 


Dance using 04_ fan Performance of 05_ flute 06_ violin performance
   Dance announcement (belonging to accompaniment of guitar)              Musical instrument performance (flute, violin)


07_ love dance 08_ souvenir exchange
       Love dance announcement               Souvenir exchange



◆Visit to 9:50 - campus (1) Kyudo club

Model performance by Kyudo club was shown, and students of Guizhou were impressed very much. In addition, we learned about manners of Kyudo including the way of greetings and actually pulled bow from distance that was shorter than usual and deepened interchange.

09_ Kyudo greetings 10_ Kyudo experience


◆Visit to 10:50 - campus (2) calligraphy club

After performance to music by calligraphy club, students of Guizhou wrote words to like each on postcard by brush and they framed and took to go as memory.

11_ calligraphy 1 12_ calligraphy 2 13_ calligraphy 3
14_ calligraphy 4 15_ calligraphy _ group photo


◆12:00 - exchange meeting and luncheon party

Firstly we further deepened interchange while having lunch together after having introduced itself.

As for the time of person who ate in talking absorbedly, there seemed to have been few, but we chose thing which each person liked from side dish of height of bowl and ate a lot with rice ball only in Japan with style that we could eat in total.

16_ luncheon party 17_ luncheon party


◆13:15 - parting

Students of Guizhou received seeing off with all the participants last.

18_ seeing off 19_ seeing off

By this school interchange, we exchanged feeling and appreciation of welcome and were able to spend significant time between students of the same age. Each other's distance shrank through interchange, and it looked like even if it was time for parting, it was hard to leave very much.

Friendship will be further expected to deepen between both schools in future.


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