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About appropriate breeding of cat

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All of you who have a problem with cat  

   We keep cat unlike dog, and there is no regulation in.

 Originally kept cat is thrown away, and it is cat without owner that we are at a loss, and settled down in area.

 Cat propagates by irresponsible bait spear excessively, and cats that owner does not become clear increase more and more. Therefore damage and troubles due to cat without owner increase and will adversely affect living environment of local resident.

 Trouble of living environment may not solve by disposal to spread immediately even if we temporarily disposed, and to recover without catching cat from the viewpoint of Kindness to animals, and being able to dispose.

 The number of the fatal disposal of cat of Saga is about 350 in 2017, and the majority is sterility castration kittens without owner considered that it has been laid because we do not operate.

 Cat without owner who lived in area was thrown away on account of the human being, and cats which ran away increased. In addition, it is trigger to increase cats without owner to let the indoor outside come and go freely without letting you receive sterility castration operation among domestic cats.

 What should I do more to prevent you from increasing cats without owner?


With local cat activity

 Local resident predominates and carries out sterility castration operation as it no longer increases in cats which there is now and is activity to plan solution to the problem without depending on fate, exclusion of cat in rules such as bait spear or restroom setting.


Process of local cat activity

1. Talks in area

2. Plan structure

3. Sterility castration operation

4. Appropriate management such as bait spear or restroom

5. Activity report to area, preventive measures against abandoned cats

 It is activity that "local cat activity" is made up mainly of local inhabitants and works on, and success of activity needs understanding and cooperation of local various places.

 When there are not person disliking cat, people having trouble with cat, cooperation of, as well as person liking cat, we do not consist. 


Appropriate breeding guidelines on cat

 Domestic cat is right; kept, and showed or responsibility of owner definitely, and introduced way of thinking of "area cat activity" to be made up mainly of inhabitants, and to manage cat without owner appropriately, and made "appropriate breeding guidelines on cat" for the purpose of planning reduction of trouble about the number of the causing death disposal and cat of cat. 


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