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Let's be careful about rubella

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In November, 2018, patients with rubella occurred in Saga after an interval of four years

 The number of the Notifecations increases around metropolitan area from around the summer of 2018, and infection may spread in the prefecture in future.
 When symptoms such as sudden systemic rash or fever appear, we hope that it is had a medical examination after contact to medical institution beforehand. In addition, on consultation, please refrain from the use of public transport.
 When pregnant woman until pregnancy 20 weeks is infected with rubella virus as for the rubella, fetus is infected with rubella virus, congenital rubella syndrome ※We may raise this.
   We know rubella, and let's be careful.
   In addition, in Saga, we perform the expense furtherance of examination of rubella antibody, vaccination targeting at women who wish to become pregnant. For more information about the furtherance contents such as eligible people, application method, prefectural homepage look at "we support examination of antibody of rubella, vaccination expense in full".
 ※"Congenital rubella syndrome"
  Red that as pregnant woman particularly woman in early pregnancy suffered from rubella, fetus infected rubella virus, and had obstacles such as hearing loss, heart trouble, cataract, delay of the development 
  changa may be born. These obstacles are called congenital rubella syndrome.

About rubella

 Infection course and virus excretion period
  Rubella is transmitted by droplet infection, contact infection.
  Period when person whom it developed in excretes virus is anteroposterior about one week of rash appearance.
 Latency period
  After the infection, it develops after latency period of 14-21 days (an average of 16-18 days).
  Fever, pink rash (it appears in order of face → human trunk → whole body), lymphadenopathy (the posterior auricle, the back of the head, neck) develop, but fever is seen in about half of patients with rubella
  ※Complications: Transient multi-arthralgia, multi-joint pain (pubertal - adult woman has many), encephalitis (from 4,000 for 6,000 cases one), thrombocytopenic purpura (from 3,000 
  For 5,000 cases one).
 The prevention
   For the prevention of rubella, vaccination is the most valid method.
  About periodical vaccination based on preventive vaccination law, it is one-year child before 1 year old child, elementary school entrance to school.
  ※Periodical inoculation eligible people of rubella vaccine
   The first: 1 year old child (in interval before December after birth reaching 24 moon after birth)
   The second: One year (until the day before on day to reach for the time of commencement concerned from day one year before day to be under 5 years or older 7 years old, and to reach for time of commencement of elementary school attendance at school before elementary school entrance to school
       In interval)
  Periodical inoculation which even person except eligible people corresponds to particularly below when incidence career and inoculation career of rubella are not apparent is consideration by inoculation of rubella vaccine
   Please give me.
  (1)We have not been vaccinated for rubella that has not suffered from rubella among men in their 50s clearly from 30 generations in particular or correspond to rubella 
Person who cannot confirm when    ru antibody is positive


  (2)To prevent infection to pregnant woman, woman (particularly the pregnancy applicant again particularly in her 40s from husband, child of (1) pregnant woman and other living together families, (2) late teens

   This has not been vaccinated for rubella that had not been applied to rubella among person) who was more likely to become pregnant clearly; or for rubella

Person who cannot confirm when antibody    on the other hand is positive


  ※Periodical inoculation which is not object becomes any inoculation (pay).

  ※Pregnant woman cannot receive rubella vaccine. In addition, contraception of around two months is necessary after the inoculation even if not become pregnant

      It becomes in this.

  ※Q&A, poster or leaflet, video about rubella are published.

About immunization practice medical institution

 Vaccination periodical for vaccination of rubella ※There is any inoculation in this, and medical facility carrying out periodical vaccination of rubella is just what of the following list of.
 (as the following list is thing of "periodical vaccination", look at corresponded to for any inoculation for your information.)
 In addition, on consultation beforehand to medical institution please let know.
 ※"Periodical vaccination eligible people" of rubella become 1 year old child and one-year child before elementary school entrance to school.

About correspondence when rubella is doubted

 Please have a medical examination after telephone contacting not to transmit to another person when symptom that rubella is doubted develops before consulting medical institution, and having conveyed that we might suffer from rubella after confirming consultation method (entrance and consultation time).



To all of the medical institutions

 When we examined patient with fever and rash, we take possibility of rubella into consideration and hear foreign tour career and action career to domestic rubella plague spot and confirm in incidence career of rubella and vaccination career, and medical treatment that was conscious of rubella, please.


 When rubella is diagnosed, based on regulations of law (1998 law No. 114) Article 12 Paragraph 1 about medical care for patient of the prevention of infectious disease and infectious disease, we would appreciate your reporting to prefectural governors (the nearest Public Health and Welfare Office) immediately.


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