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About the control of illegal housebreaker

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 Car housebreaker is in residential area. We think that instruction of the prefecture is done in case such as business license application. However, act thought to be breach of law of business owner confounds neighboring inhabitants.

For example, site is performed by some work and piling over again of the dismantling car for narrow-mindedness on public road. We park truck in prefectural road, and the dismantling car loaded carrier with is loaded and unloaded using lift car. It seems that this work is originally carried out in work facility. When we load and unload the dismantling car from truck, lift car occupies the sidewalk. Thus, in spite of attending school road of primary schoolchild, child is the current situation going around dangerous road.

We talked about such distress with department in charge of the prefecture over re-three, but are not yet improved.

Please instruct some other time which law you are instructed as the prefecture by.

In addition, will office-holder controlling law-enforcement have adequate cause so that illegal act is overlooked?

The social weaks such as elderly person or child are not in an accident or are feeling uneasy about very much by any chance.

In the prefecture, various laws such as car Law for the Promotion of Utilization of Recycled Resources are observed, and I would like strict guidance.


Answer to department in charge

 It is necessary for person performing car housebreaking to get permission of the prefecture based on "law about recycling of used car" (popular name "car Law for the Promotion of Utilization of Recycled Resources"), and it is necessary for requirements such as facilities to adapt to standard of permission to get permission. In addition, person (housebreaker) who gets permission, and runs car housebreaking maintains state that facility adapted to standard of permission, and it is necessary to observe standards of the dismantling storage of car at the time of work.

 About used car housebreaker having information from last year, I am sorry that instruction is thorough.

 For the housebreaker who had indication concerned, we will give a necessary response based on the laws and ordinances concerned.


Department in charge of opinion

■Department of Citizens and Environmental Affairs Recycling Society Promotion Division

 TEL: 0952-25-7108


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