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Guidance of owned by a prefecture place bargain sale article by first-come-first-served basis

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  In Saga, we sell real estate which the prefecture used so far as the staff lodgings toward the citizen of the prefecture.

 As procedure is easy, personal familiarity which there was not, please participate in real estate transactions casually until now.


 Article number: 1

 Article name: Nakajima police personnel lodgings ruins (1577)

Nakajima photograph


 The location: Kyuragimachinakashima, Karatsu-shi character 1375-6, Nakajima
 Classification of land and category: Residential land
 Land: [actual survey] 250.54 square meters (about 76 tsubos)
 Building: Unavailable
 Target price: 1.2 million yen
 Reference: Department of General Affairs Asset Management Division

 TEL: 0952-25-7197




[up-and-coming flow on first-come-first-served basis]

 (1) Submission of owned by a prefecture place offer to purchase and quotation

 We submit "owned by a prefecture place offer to purchase and quotation, written oath" to Asset Management Division or Education Bureau Education General Affairs Division.

 (when submitted other than the person at the same time submission of proxy)


 (2) Decision of open bill and successful bidder

 It was estimated with amounts of money target price or more and becomes decider.

 When decider is not selected, we estimate again.


 (3) Buying and selling execution of contract

 Decider submits "land (building) sales contract" before deadline for conclusion of contract, and please pay "contract deposit".

 Contract deposit is 10% or more of successful bid prices. (when they, e.g., estimate for 20 million yen, amounts of money of contract deposit become 2 million yen or more.)

 (as the estimate concerned becomes invalid when estimate decider does not submit contract (plan) within principle 14 days from the next day of estimate decision, please be careful.)

 When the prefecture examines contract (plan) submitted by estimate decider, and the prefecture affixed a seal of contract deposit after the receipt, contract decision becomes.

(the examination mentioned above may take several weeks from a few days.)


 (4) Ownership transfer

 Proprietary rights of land, building move after payment of the money left over was confirmed after the contract establishment.

 As you perform the ownership transfer registration in the prefecture, you purchase revenue stamp for registration and license tax that is necessary for the registration in person of estimate, and please submit.


Various styles name

Word file

PDF file

Person who needs submission

Estimate guide book


(please confirm contents beforehand by all means)

Application and quotation

[attached sheet 1]



All the quotation presenters

Written oath

[attached sheet 2]



All the quotation presenters

List of officers

[attached sheet 3]


Only in the corporation


[attached sheet 4]


Only when estimate is submitted agent

Report of representative election

[attached sheet 5]



Only when he/she purchases together

Mediation application

[attached sheet 6]


In the case of application by mediation for residential land building transactions company


Land (building) sales contract (plan)

[attached sheet 7]





(please confirm contents beforehand)


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