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Let's prevent "charging trouble" by online game of child

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Because we do not encounter unexpected trouble by online game

  Because it is expected that opportunities when child uses online game for winter vacation increase, we confirm point for prevention of trouble once again, and let's make rules in families.

 When it registers under the pretense of the adulthood even if it is minor, and it uses, it becomes difficult to cancel contract.


Point to prevent trouble

Online game illustration of child
 1.Protector is careful about management of credit card.

 ・It is prohibition that other than contractor uses credit card. You must not use even if you meet between families.

 ・We recognize that contractor has managerial responsibility about credit card and confirm the use details every month.    


2.We confirm about structure of apparatus and game of smartphone and game console.

 ・There is a charge, or what reconfirms whether game that child is playing is free if there is a charge whether paid.


3.We confirm management of information registered with terminal.

 ・It is common even once that information that we registered is saved when it has used credit card.

 ・As credit card is available other than the person, and the use is recognized with the use of the person in the same state, knowing something confirms presence and the situation of preservation of credit card information.


4.We perform "filtering" and "parental control" functions and manage use of Internet, and let's use safely.



 When you have a problem, please consult immediately.

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