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About reception desk of participation qualification prejudging application for registration of conditioning open bid (prejudging type) in 2020 (February 3, 2020 publication)

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 We demand as participation qualification of conditioning open bid (prejudging type) which Bidding & Inspection Center carries out and, about "the construction results of similar construction", introduce prejudging registration system from 2009 and do with submission being able to change necessary record and attachment to copying of "bid participation eligibility requirements prejudging registration document" every item after the registration in before.

 As we perform acceptance of bid participation eligibility requirements prejudging application for registration for 2020 as follows, we will tell.




Construction that is targeted for prejudging registration

・"The construction results of similar construction" to demand from company

(1) Paving work

(2) Slope air blast (2,000m2 or more) construction

(3) Law frame construction

(4) Falling rock protection construction

(5) Bridge repair construction

(6) Expansion joint exchange construction 

(7) Guardrail construction 

(8) Route guidance mark (108 system) construction 

(9) Roadside-labeled construction

(10) Prevention of crossing or fall fence construction

(11) Water gate (gate) construction

(12) Division lines construction

(13) Indication construction (limited to molten expression or the molten adhesion type) for sight person with a disability instruction 

(14) The spot painting afresh construction of steel structure 

(15) Signal construction 

(16) Road lighting construction 


●Reception desk period

  We accept at any time from Monday, March 2, 2020.


●Sending place of prejudging application for registration material

  Saga Department of Land Development Bidding & Inspection Center

  〒840-8570 1-1-59, Jonai, Saga-shi



  We apply to item to notify publicly from after April 1, 2020.




※For more information about reception desk contents, please refer to attachment file.


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