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Type of paid advertising media

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[guidance of paid advertisement of Saga]

We perform business to place advertisement of private enterprise as advertising media with wall surface, homepage of government building and facility, various assets of Saga including the back of automobile tax, envelope enclosing personal enterprise tax in Saga, and to get ad revenue. 

Main government building

In the main government building of the prefecture, we establish space placing advertisement in place that next person from agency and prefectural officials see well. In addition, we can place advertisement in bulletin boards such as Regional Agency.


Old building and each new building floor elevator side man and woman washroom (except the fourth floor of the new building)

It is place that prefectural officials see many times on day. It is published 28 advertisements (poster).

(B2 size)

Each floor washroom

New building elevator

We can publish advertisement (poster) in elevator of new building.

(A2 size)

The elevator


Entrance in front of the restaurant under the ground  

We can publish advertisement (poster) in front of new building basement restaurant. It is place where it becomes in front of convenience store entrance, and user is easy to stand out.


(B2 size)

In front of restaurant under the ground

Facility except main government building

 Advertising space includes what to contribute as well as main government building.
For more details, reference give table.
Publication of advertisement supports by unit for one month.
It is until the end of March, 2021 during current offer period. ※We accept on first-come-first-served basis.


 Application, please mail the following documents to reception counter.

(3) Sample (copies are fine) of advertisement (poster)

  ※Please make advertisement (poster) in the person of notice separately.

   There is constant examination about advertisement contents or design. 


In application, please confirm the following contents well.

[reception counter]

  〒840-8570 1-1-59, Jonai, Saga-shi, Saga

    It is addressed to Saga Department of General Affairs Asset Management Division assets strategy, profit conjugating person in charge

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