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We held the third Saga saikou commendation (collaboration section) commendation ceremony

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We held the third Saga saikou commendation (collaboration section) commendation ceremony

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 Place of achievement of CSO further spread by commending CSO who worked who supported collaboration business and area for local problem solution in the prefecture and aimed at Self-initiated regional development advancing and performed "the third Saga saikou commendation" (collaboration section) commendation ceremony on January 29, 2019.

Receiving a prize group introduction (the order of the kana syllabary)

 Come; mountain creation drama executive committee

Come; mountain
 Chairperson Haruyoshi Sonoki (as for the photograph vice-chairperson Mariko Fukunaga)
[group, achievement summary]
 ・Make original drama about historic historical fact of Kiyama-cho with townsman, in history history and culture of Kiyama
  Group which tells, and works on interchange of multi-generation and local leading figure upbringing by cooperation
 ・Involve much Kiyama townsmans both children and adults, as for stage setting and the clothes by volunteer of townsman
  It is produced and shows drama every year in "fu, re, a, i festival" held in December

Non profit organization 9,000 copies club

Part 9000
 Director Gaku Akiyama (as for the photograph Asao Chuganji)
[group, achievement summary]
 ・If, by the old days play instruction using the forest maintenance maintenance by bamboo forests felling and the bamboo which we felled, it is natural
  NPO corporation which works on upbringing of heart to coexist
 ・In Tosu district including Yamauramachi, Tosu-shi and the ruins of bamboo clothes box-jo Castle (tsuzurajoato), we perform bamboo forests and brushwood felling
  At the same time we carry out instruction of play in the old days such as water guns which we made with bamboo in children

CSO kanzaki

 Representative Katsuya Fujii
[group, achievement summary]
 ・In succession to traditional culture bred in Kanzaki, perform town development to be vigor, and in the area
  Group which works on voluntary activity support of acting various CSO
 ・In God good luck hall (kamisachikan) which is base of CSO activity personnel training and workshop of CSO in Kanzaki-shi
  Carry out, and by holding such as "city of kanzaki Kushida" "community improvement, town development"
  We practice 

Meeting saga of non profit organization Advisory Specialist for Consumer Affairs

Consumer life
 Director Kazuyoshi Fukushima
[group, achievement summary]
 ・By collecting information, and arranging, and, depending on various consultation about consumer life, providing, of citizen of the prefecture
  NPO corporation which works on stability, improvement of consumer life
 ・Consumer life consultation supports in Saga consumer service center and the prefecture municipalities, and small, average ・
  Holding and Consumer issues prevention enlightenment activity of home delivery of cooked foods lecture in high school or local public hall, company
  We carry out

It is hall heartily non profit organization

It is hall heartily
 Director Takeharu Ishibashi
[group, achievement summary]
 ・Industrial development local through product which came from foot of Taradake and rich Ariake Sea, sightseeing promotion ・
  NPO corporation which works on local promotion
 ・We used kind "kurementin" of mandarin orange which was sale, Specialty products of administration and Specialty products of "Roadside Station Tara"
  Develop souvenir, and hold events such as hall Festival heartily, attractive dispatch of Tara
  We go

Island liaison conference of seven non profit organization rainbows

 Director Nagano Takafumi Saki
[group, achievement summary]
 ・NPO corporation which works on activation of seven remote islands floating in the Sea of Genkai and Kabeshima
 ・Plant one kind of tree in one island including chinaberry in oil tree and Mukaishima in Madarashima, from there
  Healthy upbringing activity of child including "one island one tree exercise" activity to produce new industry and holding of child science classroom
  We carry this out

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