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Limit (February 3, 2020 public announcement) of felling by frith of protected forest in 2020

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 Pursuant to the provision of 2 Paragraph 3 of forest law enforcement order (1951 cabinet ordinance No. 276) Article 4, we announce limit of frith area that you should admit of forest law (1951 law No. 249) Article 34 Paragraph 1 about felling of Tachiki by frith of protected forest in 2020 as follows.


 February 3, 2020


                                Saga the Governer Sho Yamaguchi justice       

Limit of frith area

Name of area

The forest included in same as on the left

Frith area limit


The Chikugo River

 1 yen of Tosu-shi, Kanzaki-shi, Kanzaki-gun and Miyaki-gun         341.12

Kawakami River

 1 yen of Saga-shi and Ogi-shi (limited to Tsukicho on Koshirocho and 3rd.)         540.25

North Saga

 1 yen of Karatsu-shi and Higashimatsuura-gun


The Rokkaku River

 Taku-shi, Takeo-shi, Ogi-shi (limited to Ushizucho and Ashikari-cho.)

 And it is 1 yen of Kishima-gun


The Arida River

 1 yen of Imari-shi and Nishimatsuura-gun


South Saga

 1 yen of Kashima-shi, Ureshino-shi and Fujitsu-gun



  •  Frith is made protected forest, but permission of the Governer is necessary if we are going to do frith.
    As total limit of area to be able to make frith into for each constant area is fixed, and felling limit area is announced four times a year (if these days hit on Saturday on the next day if these (days are Sunday on February 1, June 1, September 1, December 1 on the day after next)), you submit application to agriculture and forestry office within 30 days from this day and must receive permission of the Governer. (forest law Article 34 Paragraph 1)
     In addition, after felling, the Governer expectation must submit felling end notice within 30 days.
    If person who submitted felling end notice is not the forest owner, you must notify the forest owner.
     The Governer can give an order for cancellation of felling for person who did frith without receiving permission and can give an order to set method and tree class of felling ruins during period, and to afforest (supervisor punishes). When it is vicious, punitive clause of forest law is applied.


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