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You do "Saga health company declaration", and do you not begin healthy management?

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 Moderate motion to "walk" in Saga work on "citizen of the prefecture exercise of health promotion" that each citizen of the prefecture becomes healthy through the appropriate eating habits and is connected for extension of healthy life expectancy, and eventually.

 Particularly, daily health promotions in the workplace are important to generation in the prime.

 Saga supports company in the prefecture worked on healthy management positively.


With "healthy management"

We regard health of employee as important financial resources and are style of corporate management to work on health promotion positively.


"Healthy management" is registered trademark of NPO corporation health management workshop.



Effect prospective by practice of "healthy management"

 Improvement of productivity
  • Drop of absence rate
  • Improvement of business efficiency
 Reduction of medical cost
  • Decrease in compensation for injuries and diseases payment by disease prevention
  • Restraint of long-term medical expenses
 Recruit effect
  • Order upswing in employment popularity ranking (advantageous to adoption)
  • Decrease in turnover
 Image enhancement
  • Improvement of company brand value
  • In the company external image enhancement
 Risk management
  • Accident, the prevention of disgraceful affair
  • The prevention of workmen's accident occurrence



Flows from registration of "Saga health company declaration" to practice, evaluation 

(1) We maintain the organization system to push forward healthy management and do "healthy company declaration" to the inside and outside

  •  In companies (office), we examine conduct of healthy management.
  •  We decide post in charge propelling healthy management and the person in charge.
  •  We declare that we work on healthy management inside and outside the company (office).
  •  We submit registration sheet to Saga Health Promotion Division. (we do not mind by FAX)

 Word Registration sheet We open with the other window(word: 21.2 kilobytes)

 PDF Registration sheet We open with the other window(PDF: 71.7 kilobytes)


We post "identification of declaration" sent by Saga Health Promotion Division in company (office).

Identification of declaration (sample)

(2) We examine approach contents of healthy management

 Using check sheet or past medical examination result, we examine healthy problem of employee. 

  •   PDF Check sheet NEW We open with the other window(PDF: 112.3 kilobytes)
  •  We confirm the approach situation of current health promotion of company (office) and we add contents and expand and consider concretely. 

(3) We make approach plan of health promotion and practice approach

 Based on contents which we examined, we make plan to work on health promotion.

 Along plan, we practice approach.


(4) We settle the practice situation and evaluate

 We grasp the practice situation of health promotion including medical examination consultation of employee.

 We perform effect measurement after having practiced health promotion and evaluate.

 We review plan and practice content to lead to approach of health promotion of the next fiscal year.


(5) We carry out and report

 In companies (office), we report content that we worked on in the year and hold information sharing.

 With content that we worked on as report, we submit to Saga Health Promotion Division. We attach photograph or material which we used as needed then. 


The registration situation (we update at any time) of "Saga health company declaration" office

  "Saga health company declaration 2018" office (as of H31.3.31)We open with the other window

About "Saga health company declaration" excellent company recognition system

 We declare Saga health company and, among companies (office) which practiced healthy management, authorize company doing superior approach as "excellent company".

 They carry out this authorization once in 2001, and company (office) which received authorization can use logo mark of "Saga excellent company declaration excellent company ○○○○" for one year.

   PDF Saga health company declaration excellent company recognition system We open with the other window(PDF: 8.6 kilobytes)


To company having you register

 Saga health company declaration has you go to degree every year. If it is the new year, please submit manifesto of our year.

 In addition, please submit conduct result report of last year and attached documents (brochure of lecture, poster promoting medical examination consultation, state of walking event) accompanying by the end of May. 

 Submission: 〒 840-8570 1-1-59, Jonai, Saga-shi

     Saga Department of Health and Welfare Health Promotion Division health promotion, dentistry health charge




To all of the construction business

 Point addition by the situation of health promotion was added in the Saga construction company enforcement ability class rating point in 2021, 2022.

 After having gone, "Saga health company declaration" or "gabai health company declaration" is authorized as excellent company, and it is added three points when we receive grant of certificate.

 But we declare, and only grant of identification of declaration is added one point when we receive.

 As for the details, please see thisWe open with the other window.











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