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About flow of construction industry permission application and various notifications of change (construction industry permission relations)

The last update date:

As coronavirus infectious disease countermeasures, we add permission application of construction industry and application such as various change Notifecations to past bringing and enable application by mail.

As for the details, please see the following pages.

About flow of construction industry permission application and various notifications of change


From 1 permission application to permission

   [reception desk]   We register in each engineering works office. (bringing or mail)


 [contents examination] In the prefectural Construction & Technology Division, we perform police inquiry about person concerned with gang and examine application documents.


 [notice of allowance] I will inform from engineering works office which took application documents.

        We issue "permission office action" and application (copy) in exchange for receptionist vote stub.


 [permission public announcement] Submitted permission application is published toward the public in the prefectural office Construction & Technology Division except personal information.


※Standard paperwork period of construction industry permission application (new update, addition) is almost around 40 days after we accept application in engineering works office.

 But, during this period, we do not include in revision to demand correction of defect in format during period to need.

 When there is revision to demand correction of defect in format, we may exceed (almost around 40 days) during this standard paperwork period.

 In addition, we do not include for examination during period before applicant replying to the request after demanding offers of information which is necessary for applicant even if appropriate application is accomplished.



If 2 permission office action is received

 (1)   Please confirm whether contents of permission office action do not have error.

 (2)   Please post permission vote of construction industry (mark).

 (3)   When order of public construction is hoped for, you receive management matter examination, and please perform preliminary screening of prospective bidders application.



About 3 permission update

  •    Validity of permission is five years.
  •  We do not inform of permission update from prefectural (Construction & Technology Division, engineering works office).
  •  Validity expires; please almost apply for permission update up to 30 days before.
  •  Validity expires if is considered to be by application (type of industry additional + update) that matched permission update with type of industry addition; please almost perform permission application by 60 days ago.



About 4 various notifications of change

  •  When contents at the time of application cause change in the following matter after the permission acquisition, change Notifecations is necessary.

    (submission of extra notification of change is necessary by all means because we cannot change contents at the time of permission application procedure for at the time of addition, update.)

  •  Please submit required document to each engineering works office after preparations from "list of attached documents of attachment such as various change Notifecations" (as for the submission number of copies three copies).


Various notifications of change (example)



Return day 

 Administrator of management duties When we lacked in requirements of administrator of management duties Less than two weeks
 Administrator of management duties When administrator of management duties had change Less than two weeks
 Exclusive duty engineer When we lacked in person who met requirements of exclusive duty engineer Less than two weeks
 Exclusive duty engineer When exclusive duty engineer had change Less than two weeks
 Main office Change of representative Less than two weeks
 Main office

 Business name, name change

 Less than 30 days
 Main office The location, zip code, change of phone number Less than 30 days
 Main office Change of capital Less than 30 days
 Main office Changes (appointment, resignation, the retirement, the death, duty form, post) such as officers Less than 30 days
 Main office Changes (person who met 5% standard as stockholders newly) such as stockholders Less than 30 days
 Main office Change (addition, deletion) of manager Less than 30 days
 Sub-office Name of office Less than 30 days
 Sub-office New establishment, the abolition of office Less than 30 days
 Sub-office Type of industry change of office Less than 30 days
 Sub-office Changes (addition, deletion) such as branch managers Less than 30 days
 Business closings

 When we corresponded to reasons such as business closings

 Less than 30 days
 Social insurance Change (change only for the number of employees attaches to financial statements notification of change) of the participation situation of social insurance Less than 30 days
 Financial statements notification of change When it passed in fiscal year  It is less than four months after the progress for fiscal year


  Particularly, about submission of "construction industry permission notification of change" (the fiscal year end), submission is necessary within four months after the end of the business year whenever financial statements are finished

  We hope not to make any nodeo lapse of memory. Submission is each engineering works firm.

  ※When submission of construction industry permission change Notifecations is not done, affect examination such as permission update, of construction industry permission application as standard equipment during paperwork period (almost around 40 days)

   As you may surpass this, please be careful.

  ※When we do not perform the Notifecations mentioned above before time limit, we may become a target of disposal based on Construction Industry Act and we enter and are surveyed.



About the observance of 5 Construction Industry Act

  •  Construction Industry Act has various regulations for securing of appropriate construction of construction, protection of owner.
  •  Attachment including thing about working contract, thing about original contractor, subcontract, thing about collective subcontract, thing about setting of engineer, please read "construction industry to know well".


6 attachment



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