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We renew Saga The Prefectural Library database

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It is "exhibition as public domain" ... with history material image which is higher than ... 28,000 points renewing Saga The Prefectural Library database

 Matter for inquiry about native district is possible "anywhere" "anytime", and, in The Prefectural Library, it releases various information even to person hard to please as "digital library" on homepage to come to library.
 In contents of "digital library", we renew "Saga The Prefectural Library database" which we made by materials which Saga The Prefectural Library possesses this time. With this, we come to be able to use most of image which ancient documents or illustrated map release without application procedure widely. As for public domain (※) doing image of history material of 28,000 points of scales, and releasing, it is the first attempt in the capital way prefecture The Prefectural Library of the whole country.


(※) With public domain…State that patent right, copyright disappeared or was waived. In addition, we are in the state. (we quote from "Japanese Japanese dictionary second edition Vol. 10")


Screen of former top page  Screen of new top page

[the top screen of database which is new the top screen, the right of database until now the left]




1 update date and time Monday, March 25, 2019 14:00

2 main changes

 (1) the second use is possible without application procedure
  ・By releasing as "public domain" about thing which this hotel owns, among public images such as ancient documents or illustrated map, can use the original the second without application procedure regardless of profit, fault profit.

 (2) support international digital archive standard "IIIF" (triple eye F)
  We can read high-resolution image smoothly without image of some materials including ancient map and illustrated map releasing in form in conformity with international standard called "IIIF" (※), and choosing device on the user side. In addition, material utilization in education, the study spot is expected to be activated because researchers of the world become easy to refer.

 (※) IIIF is international structure commonizing the exchanges of image on Web.
   (International Image Interoperability Framework)

 (3) Improvement of convenience
  ・It supports smartphone and tablet.
  ・Crossing search between database is enabled.


  Position of crossing search banner

 For example, when we look for material about "Naomasa Nabeshima", database is divided into categories such as "ancient documents, historical records, the classic family register" or "ancient map, illustrated map", but we lump ancient documents and picture postcard, name index which by using crossing search, are related together, and it comes to be possible for search, reading when it is not revealed which category you correspond to.


3 reading methods
  In the top screen of this hotel homepage (digital library>Please be included from database) banner (see below). We open with the other window(external link)


 Database banner of The Prefectural Library homepage

 Even if it is past 14:00 by environment (convenience of DNS server switching of provider) of user on March 25, we may not be replaced by new screen. It is going to be able to be browsed by all environments in approximately one week. Thank you for your understanding beforehand.

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