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We carry out plan competition to choose proprietor to consign the English intensive training training duties to in 2020

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                                                 Public announcement


We raise plan suggestion competitions (plan competition method) as follows.

March 24, 2020 (Raiwa 2)

Prescribers such as the incomes and expenditures

Saga Education Bureau Education Promotion Division Nagamiya Koichi Saki


1 business content

(1) Business consignment name 2020 English concentration training training business consignment

(2) Specifications of business consignment depend on attached sheet 1 "manual" and attached sheet 2 "business consignment specifications"

(3) From day of conclusion of contract between time of performances to September 1, 2020 (Raiwa 2)

(4) It is either one country among the observance of a contract place United States (Hawaii), Australia, New Zealand


Matter about 2 participation qualification

  Person participating in this matter plan competition needs that it is person meeting all of requirements listed below.

(1) Being company registering of the first kind trip duties to prescribe in 2 Paragraph 1 of Travel Agent Act enforcement regulations (1971 transportation departmental order No. 61) Article 1.

(2) In the past, there being the results such as the overseas training programs for people concerned with education, and careers such as troubles being people whom there is not.

(3) Being person who can cope quickly when meetings of Emergencies are necessary.

(4) Do not be person corresponding to 4 (qualification of participant of open bid) regulations of Local Government Act enforcement order (1947 cabinet ordinance No. 16) Article 167.

(5) Do not be person that reorganization procedure petition for commencement is accomplished based on the Corporate Reorganization Act (2002 law No. 154).

(6) Do not be person that civil affair rehabilitation proceedings petition for commencement is accomplished based on Civil Rehabilitation Law (1999 law No. 225).

(7) And between six months ago of day of open call for participants start and day of contract, bill or check do not be dishonored check and person that it was in the financial institutions.

(8) Do not be person receiving nomination stop measures pertaining to contract of Saga ordering or qualifications bid participation stop measures or person corresponding to the bid participation stop measures points such as contract, trust of Saga ordering pertaining to contract.

(9) Person enumerated in self-or company's officers not being people corresponding to all next and next i through ki do not participate in the management substantially.

Oh, gang (say gang prescribed in law No. 77) Article 2 No. 2 in law (1991 about prevention of unfair act by gangster. It has the same as follows.)

i gangster (we say gangster prescribed in law Article 2 No. 6 about prevention of unfair act by gangster. It has the same as follows.)

Person who does not pass in five years from day that was not u gangster

Oh, person who uses gang or gangster with purpose to plan dirty profit of self, the company or third party or purpose to cause damage to third party

Person who contributes funds to o gang or gangster or gives convenience, cooperates with maintenance administration of gang directly or positively or participates

ka gang or gangster and person who has relations that should be criticized socially

Person who uses these while knowing that it is ki gang or gangster


Matter about 3 procedures

(1) Department in charge Saga Education Bureau Education Promotion Division global personnel training charge

   Zip code 840-8570 1-1-59, Jonai, Saga-shi, Saga

   Phone number 0952-25-7411

   E-mail address [email protected]

(2) Grant period of manual and method

   We publish in Saga homepage from Tuesday, March 24, 2020 (Raiwa 2) to Tuesday, April 21.

(3) Written inquiry

   Submit style 1 by "written inquiry for specifications" by 17:00 on Thursday, April 2, 2020 (Raiwa 2).


4 briefing sessions

  We do not carry out.


Confirmation of 5 participation qualification

  You bring or person participating in this matter plan competition mails participation qualification confirmation application and material concerned to the department in charge mentioned above, and receive confirmation of qualifications participation.

(1) Until return day Monday, April 13, 2020 (Raiwa 2) 17:00 [possible mail. Must arrive]

(2) Confirmation result of participation qualification notifies by Friday, April 17, 2020 (Raiwa 2).

   Assume method that delivery record is left to prevent delivery accident in the case of note) mail.


Submission of 6 proposals

  You bring or mail material concerned to the department in charge mentioned above after attachment.

(1) We do content of proposal according to the attached sheet.

(2) Until return day Tuesday, April 21, 2020 (Raiwa 1) 17:00

   Assume method that delivery record is left to prevent delivery accident in the case of note) mail.


The date and time of 7 presentation and place

(1) Date and time Tuesday, April 28, 2020 (Raiwa 2) 14:00 ...

(2) Place Saga prefectural government office old building the second floor Board of Education room (1-1-59, Jonai, Saga-shi, Saga)

(3) We perform presentation for each participant. We contact separately at the start time of each participant.


Notice of 8 results

  We notify for all participants by Monday, May 11, 2020 (Raiwa 2).


Matter about 9 evaluations

(1) Attached sheet 1 does end-point and allocation of points according to "the manual".

(2) When we cannot confirm mention contents by defects such as attachment when non-entry point is in contents of proposal, we do corresponding end-point with point zero.

(3) We set the lowest threshold of attached sheet 1 "manual" to secure standard of suggestion contents.

(4) After presentation, we may carry out hearing to participant separately as needed.


10 and others

(1) Contract deposit

Oh, in the case of conclusion of contract, pay amount of money equivalent to 10 per 100 or more of amount of contract.

Replacing with i contract payment of bail money, we can offer security based on regulations of Saga financial regulation Article 116.

Cormorant case listed in the following items releases contract payment of bail money.

(a)  When we conclude performance bond insurance contract (10 per 100 or more of estimate amounts of money) to assume the prefecture person insured and submit the paper

(i) When is admitted that do not have fear that make a contract of the same kind and the scale with corresponding contract in between country or local public entity, and carry this out appropriately and the person will not carry out corresponding contract in the past 2 years

(2) Quotation

We do amount of money to list in quotation with sum (amount of money including the amount of consumption tax and local consumption tax) that you wish to contract that we estimated.

(3) Disqualification requirements

We invalidate suggestion when we correspond to any of the following.

Oh, when person without qualification to participate suggests

When we perform illegal act about i this matter plan competition procedure

When we submit errors and omissions or illegible thing about amount of money, full name of cormorant handwriting to estimate and seal

Oh, when we do suggestion 2 or more in 1 person

When agent without o qualification suggests

When important matter of mosquito book to suggest is not described appropriately

When it is admitted that there were ki fake statements, other inequitable conduct

When, other than thing advocating to each in front of ku issue, it violates condition of competition

(4) Cancellation of plan competition procedure

   In any of one of each next issue, we cancel this matter plan competition procedure. The damage of this case assumes burden on participant.

  Oh, when, in the case such as it combines with other participants or accomplishing action of unrest, it is admitted that we cannot carry out this procedure justly.

When, by i natural disaster and others inevitable reason, we cannot perform this procedure.

(5) Decision method of the best suggestion

   We assume the highest suggestion of evaluation point the best suggestion. In addition, evaluation point of the training contents does the highest suggestion with top flight suggestion when there is the highest suggestion of evaluation point that should become the best suggestion two or more. Case having the same evaluation point of the training contents does suggestion that suggested cheap expense with the best suggestion.

(6) Duty that is demanded from participant

   When description is found about materials which we submitted concerned, participant must accept this.

In addition, about submitted material, we do not use other than the purpose about the duties concerned.

(7) The handling of personal information

   We do not use personal information that the prefecture collected for this plan competition for the purpose of other than conduct of plan competition.


(attached file)









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