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Saga people in Saga who flapped for the great man revolution period

Naomasa Nabeshima | Tsunetami Sano | Yoshitake Shima | Taneomi Soejima | Takato Oki | Shinpei Eto | Shigenobu Okuma | Kokudo Koga | Haisen Kusaba | heisanjunhidarieimon

Nagamichi Ogasawara | Gochiku Nakabayashi | Naoyoshi Yamaguchi | Kunitake Kume | Naoyoshi Nabeshima | Kaijiro Notomi | Kingo Tatsuno | *fujiyokorejo


Leader Naomasa Nabeshima (nabeshimanaomasa) of the Saga feudal clan modernization

Naomasa Nabeshima
We got in Dutchman in Nagasaki many times, and Naomasa Nabeshima whom the tenth Saga feudal lord was accompanied by at 17 years old inspected the ship. Direct plus worked on iron cannon production, and Saga feudal clan succeeded in iron cannon production at the time of Perry visit to a shore alone. Presence of Saga feudal clan was outstanding. "Anyway, my retainer must learn". Direct plus produced a lot of human resources who played an active part in Saga feudal clan and the Meiji government by the late Tokugawa period.

Photograph: koekizaidanhojinnabeshimaho*kaishozo

Founder Tsunetami Sano (sanotsunetami) of the Japanese Red Cross

Tsunetami Sano
Tsunetami Sano who led physics and chemistry study of Saga feudal clan. We became supervisor of the triple Tsu navy place and completed first Japanese practical use steamship "Ryofu circle". In 1867, we participate in Paris World Exposition on behalf of Saga feudal clan. And we found "philanthropism company" in the Southwestern Rebellion. Philanthropism mind that rescued injured person without distinction of ally and enemy is inherited in today's Japanese Red Cross.

Chichijima loyalty and courage (you quit island, and cook) of Hokkaido reclamation

Yoshitake Shima
It is called "third-ranking official" in Sapporo and is one of a kind for people of Hokkaido so that memorial service is held every year. Ezo place, Karafuto is investigated from 1856 (Ansei 3) through the next year by life of feudal lord Naomasa Nabeshima. In 1869 (Meiji 2), we were ordered clearance hook from the Meiji new government and subsequently it became reclamation third-ranking official and developed the north ground for magnificent plan to make "the five states first capital" in Sapporo.

Minister of Foreign Affairs Taneomi Soejima (soejimataneomi) of justice humanity

Taneomi Soejima
We were awakened to revering the Emperor and expelling the barbarians thought with father, Edayoshi south moat, older brother, Shinyo Edayoshi who were Hiromichi building teacher in scholars of ancient Japanese thought and culture early. We became Minister of Foreign Affairs (the current Minister of Foreign Affairs) in 1871 (Meiji 4) and by having freed person from Qing Empire coolie, was known for Maria rusu case with "people in justice humanity" globally. We go over to the Qing Empire as minister extraordinary and plenipotentiary and play an active part in taiseiko*. We are famous as calligrapher "blue water".

Lord first Education Ministry Takato Oki (much Takatou)

Takato Oki
We enter a service in the Meiji government and make an effort for higashikyo*to (tento). In addition, we draft the founding of a country plan and insist on the modernization of systems. We further aimed at establishment of judicial system as Lord judiciary and we were concerned with editing of civil law and made education reform for development of country as Lord first Education Ministry. We successively held Chairperson of senate house, the Lord President of the Council, the Minister for Justice, Minister of Education later.

Modern judicial father Shinpei Eto (Shinpei who obtains, and asks)

Shinpei Eto

The Meiji new government participated from start those days and played an active part in East-West both Kyoto ideas (higashikyo*toron), Ueno War. We successively held Lord system investigation order, Education Ministry Daisuke, left hospital in government vice-president which was important post, judiciary (the first generation), Councilor and gave big achievement in the wide fields such as government organization reform, code editing, educational administration, judicial system reform.

First Japanese party cabinet organization of a cabinet Shigenobu Okuma (bear Shigenobu)

Shigenobu Okuma
In the Meiji new government, we successively held the foreign secretariat judge, Sir Okura, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, agriculture commercial affairs minister and gave big achievements such as introduction of the Gregorian calendar, laying of railroad, maintenance of currency system, foundation of Tokyo technical school (existing Waseda University). In addition, we were ordered the Prime Minister in 1898 and formed a cabinet with Taisuke Itagaki by first Japanese party cabinet.

Kokudo Koga (kogakokudo) who supported affairs of a feudal clan reform of direct plus

Kokudo Koga
It is educator in Confucianism people. We encouraged Dutch learning in large field of vision while being teacher of Confucianism and preached the need to know the West. We act as person in charge of education of Naomasa Nabeshima and, in the next year when direct plus became the tenth Saga feudal lord, submit statement of position "finished immediate sealed report" which demanded consciousness reform of clansman for affairs of a feudal clan complete reform. We supported affairs of a feudal clan reform of direct plus theoretically.

Confucianism person Haisen Kusaba (kusabahaisen) of wide knowledge many skills

Haisen Kusaba
We are extraordinary, and wide knowledge is versatile since childhood. Via local higashihara*sha, educational institution for han children Hiromichi hall, we study under official ranking of Confucianist Seiri Koga of Shohei Hill school. Painting and calligraphic work and poetry sentence are praised highly by occasion, party who accompanied reception of chosentsushinshi and are famous for 24 years old at a bound. We became professor of Hiromichi building later and brought up Shigenobu Okuma, Taneomi Soejima, Takato Oki, Shinpei Eto and others.
Photograph: Haisen Kusaba product "figure of bamboo in the snow" Taku-shi hometown museum possession

heisanjunhidarieimon (hirayamajunzaemon) which brought Western gunnery

By the late Tokugawa period, we learned from Shuhan Takashima of Nagasaki who was the leading person of Western gunnery by life of Takeo feudal lord Shigeyoshi Nabeshima and brought Western technology to Saga ahead of other feudal clans. Afterwards, full-scale military reform was pushed forward in the cause Saga feudal clan of leadership of Hirayama. However, it was beheading with youth of 34 years old whether you were involved in political scandal case around Takashima in the middle.
Photograph: "moruchiru mortar" Nabeshima, Takeo house material Takeo-shi storehouse

Excellent member of the Shogun's Council of Elders Nagamichi Ogasawara (ogasawaranagamichi) of last part of Edo Shogunate

Nagamichi Ogasawara
 We were born as the eldest son of Karatsu feudal lord Nagamasa Ogasawara, but, after the death of long Akira (1823), are considered to be illegitimate child for childhood, and there was not thing taking feudal lord. It is the name charges of feudal lord before long and selects as the second highest official of the Tokugawa Shogunate government of the Shogunate. We were promoted to member of the Shogun's Council of Elders and showed abilities for the domestic administration diplomacy with Ieshige Tokugawa, Yoshinobu. We insisted on thorough resistance by Boshin War on the old Shogunate side and fought in one place after another to box building.
Photograph: Karatsu-shi possession

sochuringotake (nakabayashigochiku) of modern calligraphy

Gochiku Nakabayashi
One of the Meiji three great painters. Birth, the talent are known as child of Ogi clansman since childhood. We learn book by domain order at the age of 19 in the Edo era.
We came back to Ogi and acted as teachers of educational institution for han children at 30 years old. We devote ourselves to way of book taking the opportunity of establishment of prefectures in place of feudal domains. After having studied in China at 56 years old, we establish original art-related rich style of handwriting. The book still attracts people.
Image offer: The Ogi City Gochiku Nakabayashi Memorial

Inspection Naoyoshi Yamaguchi (yamaguchimasuka) European and American as Iwakura mission

Naoyoshi Yamaguchi
Popular name "example storehouse." We learn young Dutch learning and English in Nagasaki. We inspected European and American 12 countries as deputy ambassador of Iwakura mission and cultivated eyes to see Japan from the world. Afterwards, we successively hold the first President, Board of Audit, senate house Diet member, counselor Diet decision official, important post including Parlement associate judge. In local Takeo-shi Hanashima, honoring monument is put up in 1930, and "example storehouse festival" is held every year in January.
Photograph: Than "Ambassador Iwakura party photograph" Takeo-shi storehouse

Pioneer Kunitake Kume (cross Kunitake) of modern history

Kunitake Kume
 As the ambassador attendance of Iwakura mission, we were in charge of record of successive visit of European and American 12 countries from 1871 through 73 and published blue book "U.S. Europe circulation authentic account" in 1878. Afterwards, we played an active part in history learned society and acted as professor of Tokyo Imperial University particularly left achievements for scientific study of Japanese ancient history.
Photograph: Kume Museum possession

First Okinawa prefectural government order Naoyoshi Nabeshima (pan island Naoyoshi)

Naoyoshi Nabeshima
 In 1872 (Meiji 5), there are attendant and only three people, and last feudal lord, Naoyoshi Nabeshima in Kashima feudal clan leave for the United States inspection. We learned the local judiciary and legislation and administration to be filled with vitality for nine months and published "beimatsurigotosatsuyo". Afterwards, we arrive at the first Okinawa prefectural government order of **okikengo. We expressed old customs preservation and contributed to the making of base of Okinawa as emphasis policy by doctor, encouragement of industry.
Photograph: Haisui Takagi product "statue of Naoyoshi Nabeshima" Saga Prefectural art museum storehouse

so*fukaijiro (noutomikaijirou) of Japanese crafts design

Kaijiro Notomi
 Image power is appreciated and joins Shanghai inspection of the Shogunate and participates in trade of nochino Saga feudal clan in China. We visit Vienna World Exposition for exhibition and acquire the craft latest knowledge including ceramics and play an active part in Philadelphia World Exposition. Aiming at improvement of industrial arts and upbringing of engineer, we established Kanazawa Industries school, Toyama polytechnic, Kagawa polytechnic, Saga Prefectural Arida institute of technology (higher current Arita mechanic). Four schools are interchanging now as sister school.
Photograph: From Kai Notomi temple old man evidence (1917)

Father Kingo Tatsuno (tatsunokingo) of Japanese modern architecture

Kingo Tatsuno
We were from Karatsu and acted as empire University college of engineering president, Architectural Institute's chairperson and produced many human resources such as Chuta Ito, Tadashi Sekino. We learned Western architecture and were called "Tatsuno staunchness" from toughness of design. We dealt with work on behalf of Japan including "central station" (existing Tokyo Station) "head office of Bank of Japan" "Takeo Onsen new building, tower gate" and built foundation of Japanese modern architecture.
Photograph: Karatsu-shi Board of Education possession

For the modernization of Okinawa mitsugikon*fujiyokorejo (saitouyonosuke)

In 1879 (Meiji 12), we start for our new post as police officer in Okinawa. Afterwards, it shifts to administrative occupation and contributes to the modernization of Okinawa over road maintenance and vocational education, many divergences including industrial development. On sulfur Torishima eruption of 1903 (Meiji 36), we let all 700 islanders emigrate to Kumejima without causing one victim as Shimajiri hundreder. At the time of retirement of 1915 (Taisho 4), farewell party by 10,000 citizens of the prefecture was held grandly.
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