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The Meiji Restoration chronological table

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The name of an era

The Christian eraMovement of Saga feudal clanNational movement
Origin of culture1804 roshiarezanofu Nagasaki visit to a shore, commerce demand
Culture 31806Kokudo Koga We are appointed by Hiromichi building professor
Kokudo Koga Hitoshi Nabeshima submits "educational administration narrow view" directly
Culture 51808It is punishment of closing the gate feudal lord Hitoshi Nabeshima the ninth by phaeton case directlyRinzou Mamiya Karafuto Surveys
Phaeton case
Culture 111814Naomasa Nabeshima birth 
Civil administration 21819It becomes both sides of the head of Kokudo Koga direct plus 
Civil administration 31820It reaches direct Masaakira age, and Kokudo Koga becomes lecturer in the Imperial Household 
Civil administration 81825Daughter (seihime) and marriage of chokuseishogunka*Foreign ship driving away law
Civil administration 111828Damage heavy by big wind (Siebold typhoon) of the Year of the RatSiebold case
Origin of Tenpo era1830Direct plus We take office as the tenth Saga feudal lord at calendar year 17 years old
Coarse clothing plain food law
We board Netherlands merchant ship in direct plus Nagasaki and observe
Kokudo Koga is appointed by older people's consultant
The Tenpo era 21831We submit Kokudo Koga "finished immediate sealed report" 
The Tenpo era 31832We promulgate the law of conservation of various positions out of castle over the next 5 years 
The Tenpo era 41833 Great famine (... 39) of the Tenpo era
The Tenpo era 51834Kokudo Koga We become old
Medical hall establishment (Shoji, Yawata)
The Tenpo era 61835We express circle destruction by fire of Joji Saga, the Honmaru palace rebuilding 
The Tenpo era 71836The death of Kokudo Koga (age at death 60 years old) 
The Tenpo era 81837We shoot fruit of cannon in Iwata gunnery practice field and examineRevolt of Oshio
Morrison case
The Tenpo era 91838The Saga-jo Castle Honmaru palace rebuilding
We establish affairs of a feudal clan organization in main enclosure and begin a full-scale affairs of a feudal clan reform
The Tenpo era 101839The ninth daihanshu*chokushikyo (age at death 60 years old)Prison of bansha
The Tenpo era 111840Educational institution for han children Hiromichi building move, expansion
We carry out high banishment to an island gunnery practice in Iwata gunnery practice field
Opiate gekiso happens in the Qing Empire (... 42)
The Tenpo era 121841 Reform of the Tempo Era
The Tenpo era 131842 Cooking salary law of the Tenpo era
Origin of Koka era1844We arrange skill in fire and start gunnery study
We inspect direct plus Netherlands warship Palembang
The king foundation of a country advice (baremban visit to a shore) in Netherlands
The Koka era 31846Direct plus Legitimate child Junichiro (later the eleventh feudal lord Naohiro Nabeshima) birthWe visit a shore in amerikabiddoru Uraga and we trade and make a demand
The Koka era 41847The death of height of reception room princess of direct plus (age at death 37 years old) 
Origin of Kaei era1848We become a disciple of Tekijuku of Koan Ogata of Tsunetami Sano Osaka 
The Kaei era 21849Tsunetami Sano We become a disciple of elephant point temple of Genboku Ito of Edo
We give direct lawful wife child Junichiro smallpox vaccination
Brush princess and remarriage of the direct Yasushi Shodas
The Kaei era 31850We dispatch Todayu Motojima to Izu Nirayama
Iojima of Nagasaki, the start of work decision of God no shimaryoshima**
"bumbukagyoho" establishment
We start iron cannon production in daiju*ritsuho (Tsukiji reverberatory furnace) of Tsukiji
We meet Shinyo Edayoshi with Shouin Yoshida Hiromichi building
Organization of justice festival alliance by Shinyo Edayoshi and others
The Kaei era 41851We add medical dormitory and Dutch learning dormitory
We come back to Saga with four Tsunetami Sano Kisuke Nakamura and others engineers
We become Nariakira Shimazu Satsuma feudal lord, and collection building business starts
The Kaei era 51852We succeed in casting of iron cannon
The Kaei era 61853Iojima, God no shimaryoshima**bihokambi
Request of cannon production iron from the Shogunate, order for 50 gates
kogiishikaya*ritsusho (Tafuse reverberatory furnace) setting
We apply to direct plus Nagasaki prefect for the steam warship purchase and are admitted
American Perry visits a shore in Uraga
roshiapuchachin visits a shore to Nagasaki
The abolition of taboo of big boat building
Origin of Ansei1854Direct plus We observe Dutchman sumbin issue (the sightseeing-maru)
Decision making of steamship production
Perry re-visit to a shore, the Convention of Kanagawa conclusion
Ansei 21855Dispatch mass in Nagasaki Naval Institute
Steam car model and steamship model are completed in sei*ho
Nagasaki Naval Institute setting
We succeed in trial run of the steamship "course of affairs-maru" of Satsuma feudal clan first in Japan
Ansei 31856It is started skill in fire training by Hiromichi building endogeny dormitory resident mischief
We advocate the foundation of a country theory in Shinpei Eto "figure Sea plan"
We leave Saga in response to command of the Ezo place Surveys from Yoshitake Shima direct plus
American consul general Harris We arrive at Shimoda
We teach in Shouin Yoshida Matsushita private school in a village and start
Model completion of Choshu feudal clan reverberatory furnace
Ansei 41857We participate in etsusa of Yoshitake Shima Ezo place, Karafuto
It is purchased the Western style sailing boat "fleeting cloud-maru" by the Netherlands
Saga feudal clan We cooperate with reverberatory furnace construction of Izu Nirayama and are completed
We succeed in Satsuma feudal clan reverberatory furnace construction (2 reverberatory furnace)
Ansei 51858We establish Ofunate drill hall (the nochino Mie Tsu navy place) in triple Tsu
We visit Satsuma by direct plus sightseeing-maru and talk together with Nariakira Shimazu
We construct sailing boat "*fugan" in Nagasaki
The steamship "electric current-maru" purchase first from the Netherlands
Straight hall and the changing of a name to move medical dormitory, and to like
Osamu enthusiast trade agreement in Japan and the U.S.
The Mass Execution (... 59) of Ansei
Ansei 61859We keep the steamship "sightseeing-maru" for the Shogunate 
Ansei 71860 Incident (assassinated chief ministry Naosuke Ii) out of Sakurada-mon Gate
Origin of Bunkyu1861Dutch learning dormitory moves in Hiromichi building
Direct plus goes into retirement (issue "kan*"), and Naohiro Nabeshima becomes the eleventh feudal lord
Russian warship posadonikku Tsushima occupation case
Bunkyu 21862We carry out military organization reform
Shinpei Eto de-feudal clan
gikichishinyoshikyo (age at death 41 years old)
sannai which direct plus has never met
Incident out of Sakashita-mon Gate
We demand reform of Bunkyu, Hisamitsu Shimazu shogunal administration reform
The sum shrine marriage of an Imperial princess to a subject
The Namamugi Incident
Bunkyu 31863Direct plus We have an audience with family to inherit the shogunate Shigeru
Sentence Osamu Take business and advice about the tendency of the times are demanded
We give Mrs. Naomasa brush princess Edo and arrive in Saga
We finish steam engine of the Shogunate order in triple Tsu
Choshu feudal clan Shimonoseki foreign ship bombardment
Political change (Lord seven omission) of August 18
Shinsaku Takasugi Kiheitai organization
Origin of Motoharu1864It is purchased the steamship "one of the zodiac signs-maru" by the U.K.
Fobidden gate Incident
The first Choshu subjugation
Shikoku fleet Shimonoseki bombardment
Origin of Keio1865The practical use steamship "Ryofu-maru" completion first Japanese at triple Tsu shipyard
"hangakukeikosho" (nochino "chienkan") is established by Nagasaki
Keio 21866Family to inherit the shogunate Shigeru We call for josaka to direct plus with autograph letter
It is purchased the steamship "azalea-maru" by the U.K.
We call for Kamigyo to direct plus with Yoshinobu Ichihashi autograph letter
We have a medical examination on board in in direct plus Imari
Satsuma and Choshu alliance (engaged earnestly in Ryoma Sakamoto, Shintaro Nakaoka alliance establishment)
The second Choshu subjugation
The Emperor Komei demise
Keio 31867

We participate in the second Paris World Exposition (we dispatch Tsunetami Sano, Gennemon Nonaka, Fukagawa long gate-guard office, Sennosuke Koide, Bunichi Fujiyama)
We place an order for warship in the Tsunetami Sano Netherlands
Taneomi Soejima, Shigenobu Okuma de-feudal clan Kamigyo
Talk together with Yoshinobu in direct plus Osaka, of Choshu disposal state the opinion



Paris World Exposition
We submit written petition of Yodo Yamanouchi Restoration of the Imperial rule to general Yoshinobu
It is assassinated Ryoma Sakamoto, Shintaro Nakaoka
Yes, it is caused
Restoration of the Imperial rule
Great command of the Restoration of Imperial Rule, the small Imperial Palace meeting,
The Edo Shogunate extinction

Origin of Meiji1868Saga feudal clan soldier We go to the front as higashiseigunkitarikudosakisen
We submit proposal book about higashikyo*toto by Shinpei Eto, Takato Oki joint signature

It is used participation in a war Armstrong gun by Ueno War
We participate in Takeo corps Dewa war

Duty of the Nagasaki guard is exempted from
We take office as Takato Oki Tokyo prefectural governor
Direct plus goes to Tokyo and enters a service in large politicians and bureaucrats
There is geki of Toba, Fushimi (botatsugekiso)
Five written oaths
Edo-jo Castle no blood surrender
The depths Uetsu powerful feudal lords alliance organization
We rename Edo to Tokyo
The Emperor Meiji ceremony of accession
Meiji and change of an era
Aizu feudal clan surrender, Shonai feudal clan surrender
Meiji 21869Direct; very much We report return of the land and people from the feudal lords to the Emperor to the Throne with feudal lord of Satsuma and Choshu soil
We are accompanied by direct principal and vice island, Eto and give Kyoto for affairs of a feudal clan reform and start on kaesa*

We are appointed by Secretary of direct plus Bureau of Development, Yoshitake Shima reclamation third-ranking official
We take office as direct plus chief councillor of state
It changes from reservoir residence to new residence of Nagatacho for direct plus disease medical treatment
We report feudal lord return of the land and people from the feudal lords to the Emperor of Satsuma and Choshu Toi to the Throne

Tokyo royal visit
The Battle of box building Goryokaku (Boshin War end)
Bureau of Development setting
Meiji 31870 Official in charge of building setting-saving
Meiji 41871Naomasa Nabeshima The death (58 years old at new residence of Nagata-cho, Tokyo the age at death)
Taneomi Soejima Minister of Foreign Affairs
The Yoshitake Shima Akita right law
Takato Oki Sir Mimbu, Lord Education Ministry (the first generation)
Establishment of prefectures in place of feudal domains
We leave for Iwakura mission U.S. Europe
The postal opening of business
Meiji 51872Shinpei Eto Lord judiciary (the first generation)
We deal with Maria rusu case as Taneomi Soejima Minister of Foreign Affairs
We rename Imari prefecture to Saga
The study system promulgation
Railroad opening between Shimbashi, Yokohama
Meiji 61873Tsunetami Sano The Vienna World Exposition vice-president
Shigenobu Okuma Sir Okura
It is Shinpei Eto, Taneomi Soejima lower field with Takamori Saigou, Taisuke Itagaki and others by 1873 political change
Vienna World Exposition
Iwakura trainer Europe mission returning home
1873 political change
Meiji 71874We submit Taneomi Soejima, Shinpei Eto "minsengiin*ritsudatehakusho" with Taisuke Itagaki, Shojiro Goto and others
We execute Shinpei Eto (age at death 41 years old), Yoshitake Shima (age at death 53 years old) and others by Saga War
Movement for democratic rights
Saga War (revolt of Saga)
Meiji 81875 Senate house, Supreme Court setting
Meiji 91876We abolish Saga, and merger is admitted into Nagasaki sequentially afterwards in san*kenRevolt of kamikaze, revolt of Akizuki
Meiji 101877On the Southwestern Rebellion, we establish Tsunetami Sano and others "philanthropism company" (the nochino "Japanese Red Cross Society")seinangekiso
The death of Takamitsu Kido (age at death 45 years old)
The death of Takamori Saigou (age at death 51 years old)
Meiji 111878Toshimichi Okubo We are assassinated (age at death 49 years old)
Meiji 131880Takato Oki Chairperson of senate house (the first generation)
Tsunetami Sano Sir Okura
Meiji 141881We resign from our post by political change of Shigenobu Okuma 1881Political change of 1881, chokurin of the Diet establishment, Taisuke Itagaki Liberal Party organization
Meiji 151882Shigenobu Okuma ritsukenaratamesusumitoketsunari
Shigenobu Okuma "Tokyo technical school" founds a school (nochino "Waseda University")
Shigenobu Okuma ritsukenaratamesusumitoketsunari
Meiji 161883Saga independently separates from NagasakiTomomi Iwakura The death (age at death 59 years old)


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