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We lend the 40th fault and hold concert

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We lend the 40th fault and hold concert

"We lend fault and hold concert" 3 times a year from 2006 to have enjoy wonderful music in rich environment among nature and works of art of Saga Castle Park in Saga Prefectural museum, art museum.

I send classical music guitarist acting this time around Saga becoming the inclusion of period 40th, concert by Daijiro Shiomi by the following. Please show soprano singer living in Saga-shi, Duo performance with Hiroko Notomi in concert.

Please enjoy rich tone of classical guitar coloring spring.



 1 date and time    Saturday, April 13, 2019 (Heisei 31)

         The opening: 13:30/start: 14:00 (※ performance time around one hour)

 2 venues    Saga Prefectural art museum hall (1-15-23, Jonai, Saga-shi)

 3 participation fees for free (we do not need prior application)

 4 appearance    Daijiro Shiomi (classical guitar player)

         Hiroko Notomi (soprano singer)

 5 main program over the rainbows


         Memory others of aruhambura

 6 and others

                  In museum, the art museum, space of parking lot is limited to. On visit, we recommend the use of public transport.




[artist profile (performer offer)] 

Daijiro Shiomi (classical guitar)

Daijiro Shiomi (classical guitar)

We study under Shinji Ikeda with guitar. We attend Shinichi Fukuda, Shingo Fujii, lesson of Yasuji Ohagi each person. Part championship of the 2005 33rd Yamaguchi guitar contest upper grade.

We are working on lesson, performance now around Saga. The Shiomi guitar classroom sponsorship. We are living in Saga-shi. 










Hiroko Notomi (soprano)

Hiroko Notomi (soprano)

Saga west High School graduation. Osaka Kyoiku University art music course vocal music department graduation. The university's education non-degree graduate program completion. During attendance at school, we appear on concert "A Midsummer Night's Dream" performance as soprano soloist in the "Messiah" performance in summer.

We study under Noriko Yoshihara, Toshiko Masuda, Tadashi Terao, Yoshiko Nakashimada each person. We study in Italy, Milan alone from 1999 through 2000 with 1998. Afterwards, we often go over to Italy and learn the former Scala Theater of Milan stage, musical director, method of Mr. late T.L. yapperri from daidairyokojoshi. Winning H30 year 46th Saga art culture prize for encouragement. Other than instruction in chorus group and song classroom, it hits developing vocal music instruction while we work on piano, guitar, violin and performance by ensemble led by Saga, Fukuoka in various events and concerts. Saga girls' high school part-time teacher attached to Saga Women's Junior College. Member of Saga philharmonic.

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