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We raise support projects such as consumer organization activities more in 2019 [the application deadline: on Tuesday, August 13, 2019]

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Saga (we say "the prefecture" as follows.) supports for civil society organizations performing voluntary approaches such as public information enlightenment about consumers problem in the prefecture (we say composition such as non profit organization, Civil activities, volunteer group, residents' association, neighborhood association, women's society, old man society, PTA and say "CSO" as follows.) to plan anti-stress improvement to the issue of local overall consumers.

Supporting eligible people

Group where we can apply for is located in Saga and assumes CSO acting in the prefecture.
But they recommend group to be aimed for as master, specific placeman (including candidate) and political party and support religious activity and political activity, and group for the purpose of objecting, gang or group under control of the member are excluded.

In addition, necessary or and to be competence consumer organization when the company concerned is group toward qualified consumer organization to take good care by activity as competence consumer organization more; when assist, set separately; "competence consumer organizations decide to invite public participation for activity plan by offer essential point based on activity promotion operating cost subsidy grant summary in 2019".

Supporting target business

Activity plan that the prefecture invites public participation for must be business to correspond to whichever of each next issue in business to work on the issue of consumers voluntarily.
(1) Public information enlightenment for preventing of Consumer issues being approach to contribute to solution to problem pertaining to local consumer life and stability of consumer life and improvement.
(2) Letting approach continue after business so that business result does not become temporary.

Type of business

(1) Consumer organization activity support project (we shall carry out one any of the following or more)

(a) Conduct such as education for consumers, enlightenment lecture

Conduct such as education for consumers based on interest in issue of actual situation of consumers damage in area and consumers, enlightenment lecture, symposium

(i) Making of material for education for consumers, enlightenment

Making such as public relations magazine, brochure, leaflet, video, DVD to use for public information, enlightenment of the issue of education for consumers and consumers

(u) In addition, business to deepen common knowledge and understanding about the issue of consumers


Supporting target expense

In expenses required for supporting business, we do with expense except food costs and maintenance costs such as facilities and the purchase costs of facilities equipment.
In addition, as for the expense to correspond to trust costs when we entrust with all of business outside, it is not supporting target expense.

Supporting rate and supporting sum

Supporting rate is less than ten-tenths of supporting target expense.
Supporting sum is as follows.
(1) Consumer organization activity support project ... 1 group less than 750,000 yen
(2) Consumer life Meister upbringing business ... less than 1.5 million yen
In addition, we do sum of subsidy with 1,000 yen unit, and fraction less than 1,000 yen shall cut off.

Supporting business period

We do from grant decision day to March 31, 2020 during supporting business period.

Procedure for application

(1) Submission documents (please confirm the bottom attached documents)
As for 2019 Saga consumer organization activities, it is support project activity plan
・Business plan (attached sheet 1)
・Cash budget book (attached sheet 2)
・Expenditure multiplication statement (attached sheet 3)
・Appeals of activity plan (attached sheet 4)
・Summary (attached sheet 5) of group
・Terms (any style) of group
・Officer list (any style) of group
・Written oath (attached sheet 6)
(2) Application period
From Wednesday, July 24, 2019 to Tuesday, August 13, 2019 5:00 p.m.
(3) Application method
Please bring in to Saga Safe & Secure Lifestyle Division by 5:00 p.m. on Tuesday, August 13, 2019.
(4) Application, reference
〒840-0815 3-2-11, Tenjin, Saga-shi the third floor of abanse
Safe & Secure Lifestyle Division consumption consultation enlightenment instruction charge
TEL: 0952-25-7059
FAX: 0952-24-9567 

The choice of support project

We choose by submitted documents and presentation examination. 

Notice of examination result

We notify representative of application group in document. 


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