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Encouragement of study ⾦ to studying abroad ⽣ with Saga care office raises supporting ⾦ pertaining to ⽀ kyu

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We raise subsidies pertaining to supply such as scholarships to foreign student with Saga care office

 As for this subsidy, care service company where employ ⽤ is going to do studying abroad ⽣ as sen ⾨ job of care in the future supports the acquisition of qualifications care welfare ⼠ for expense when they perform business such as scholarships for studying abroad ⽣ pointing to ⽬ to promote entry of a variety of human resources to nursing facilities.

 We would appreciate your applying for the subsidy application that grant is hoped for in what perform acceptance as follows concerned based on the following in 2020.



Categorical assistance summary

1, supporting company

  Person who designated ⼜ catches permission based on Nursing Care Insurance Law in Saga, and carries out nursing care business


2. Supporting target business

  In studying abroad ⽣ with intention that ⽬ points at the acquisition of care welfare ⼠ qualification, and care service proprietor takes an entrance examination for care welfare ⼠ national examination in the graduation year of care welfare ⼠ training facility
  Business that loan ⼜ performs school expenses and ⽣ katsuhito which face each other, and affect Naka Nihon language school and care worker training facility at the time of being on the register roll during studying abroad period


3. Expense that is targeted for subsidy

  Expense pertaining to payment such as stipend that supporting proprietor holds for foreign student or loan

  (school expenses that uses such as scholarships modify at the time of Japanese school and care worker training facility being on the register roll, the residence costs, entrance to school liability reserve)


4. Supporting rate

  Supporting rate: A one-third (but we set the amount of subsidy upper limit every target expense)


5. Subsidy grant application period

  Until Wednesday, September 30, 2020 (performing the grant application concerned before performing ※ business)

  Reception hours: From 8:30 to 17:15

  (note), in the case of mail, is must arrive in time of Wednesday, September 30.


6. Submission


  1-1-59, Jonai, Saga-shi

  Saga Department of Health and Welfare Long-life Society Division care instruction charge

  TEL: 0952-25-7105


7. Material concerned


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