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Opinion offer result of 2019

The last update date:
 After raising opinions from citizens of the prefecture, thank you for the valuable opinion.
 Opinion that I received from all of you reflects for each plan and should be reference of future prefectural government promotion.



 Names (plan) such as plan, guideline


 Opinion offer period

 The number of the opinions

 Department in charge


"Plan made with Saga who can be proud of - Saga comprehensive plan 2019 - person to the world carefully" (tentative name) draft

 We fix our eyes on future figure which Saga aims at and clarify policy of the prefecture necessary for the realization for 4 years.



April 25

... May 14

 Five cases

Policy team


Saga community-based welfare support plan Ver.5 We devise for the purpose of supporting smooth conduct of municipalities community-based welfare plan based on "the social welfare method".


June 14

... July 8

 Under count

Welfare Division




Partial revision (plan) of "Saga Healthy youth development by-law"  The young people () except thing considered to have reached young man by person (marriage under 18) photograph own naked bodies by oneself and revise "Saga Healthy youth development by-law" for the purpose of preventing damage (so-called "own image we take damage") that is made to send the image by emails partly.

October 7

... November 6

 Under count

Child future section


 "By-law (tentative name) about regulation such as landfill such as the Saga earth and sand" (plan)   We plan adequacy such as landfill by performing necessary regulation about landfill such as the earth and sand and establish by-law newly to ensure the security of maintenance of living environment of citizen of the prefecture and life.

October 18

... November 15

 Two cases

 Recycling Society Promotion Division


Saga Channel vision (plan) We maintain the system which can challenge various approaches while the person concerned cooperates regionally by the current situation of water supply in the prefecture and rearranging of problem clarifying setting of aim, the realization policy in the future to cope with environmental big change to surround water supply and devise water supply vision for the purpose of establishing base reinforcement of sustainable water supply for the future.

December 2

... December 23

 Six cases

 Hygiene Division


 About establishment of "by-law (tentative name) about standard of facilities of Saga free of charge small sum lodging and administration" (plan)  With revision of the social welfare method, it is necessary to establish "standard about facilities of free small sum lodging and administration" in by-law.


December 11

... 2020

January 10

 0 cases

Welfare Division


 "Saga social nurture promotion plan" (plan)

  Embody ideas of revised Child Welfare Law of 2016 (Heisei 28), of the best benefit of child review "Saga domestic nursing promotion plan" that devised in March, 2015 to come true, and devise "Saga social nurture promotion plan".


December 19

... 2020

January 19

31 cases

 Children and Families Division


2020 Saga food sanitation monitoring instruction plan (plan)

 As plan about conduct of monitoring instruction that the metropolis and districts based on food hygiene law Article 24 perform, we devise to prevent outbreak of harm caused by eating and drinking, and to plan safe securing of eating habits of citizen of the prefecture.


February 1

... February 29

 Four cases

 Hygiene Division


Next Saga next generation upbringing support area action plan (the fourth) (plan) As it is when period of current plan (the third) that we devised in 2015 to promote measure pertaining to next-generation upbringing support, child, child care support and child, young people's upbringing support generally and premeditatedly is until the end of 2019, it is necessary to devise plan in the next term.


February 12

... March 6

 17 cases

 Future of Children Division


Specific personal information protection evaluation book (plan) of desk work about management of identity verification information pertaining to resident-registry network system and offer

 Based on regulations such as the number methods, we publish specific personal information protection evaluation book (all item evaluations book) of "desk work about management of identity verification information pertaining to resident-registry network system and offer" on May 29, 2015.

 It is necessary to perform sublicensing of specific personal information protection evaluation for a certain period of time before progress and seeks opinion of inhabitants other person widely.


February 7

... March 8

 0 cases

 Municipal Support Division
 11 The seventh Saga health health care planning (revision original bill) We add "matter about securing of medical offer system pertaining to ambulatory care" as matter to set of health care planning newly and prescribe "matter about security of doctor" among "matters about security of healthcare worker" particularly. In addition, we revise content pertaining to securing of nurse.


February 25

... March 13

 0 cases

 Medical Affairs Division
 12  "The second Saga education for consumers promotion plan" (plan) Based on law Article 10 Paragraph 1 about promotion of education for consumers, show direction that the prefecture aims at to citizen of the prefecture about measure for education for consumers promotion, and arrange approach of the prefecture systematically, in cooperation with municipalities and school, consumer organization of education for consumers devise to promote generally and integrally


February 21

... March 18

 18 cases

 Safe & Secure Lifestyle Division
 13  Saga national domain is tough; regional plan (change plan) We change to content of "Saga comprehensive plan 2019".


February 21

... March 20

 Three cases

 Crisis management Disaster Prevention Section
 14Saga public and private sectors data utilization promotion plan (plan) 

 Plan that profit of ICT and data for solution to problems due to population declines sets basic matter about inflecting.


February 28

... March 22

 0 cases

 Information Systems Section

 15  By-law (plan) which revises a part of Saga, Saga Airport by-law "Thing which establishes regulations of Surveys, movement, removal such as owners and disposal at Kyushu Saga International Airport to cope with cars left unattended in states that it cannot just run such as trouble such as flats of running out of car inspection and tire, and revises by-law"


March 13

... April 3

 0 cases

 Airport Division



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