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[recruitment of participation university students] The making of Japan-Korea straits coast sightseeing plan business (as it reached offer capacity, we finished offer.)

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It recruits participants to interchange business to make new sightseeing plan of Korea in cooperation with Korean university student.


1 business summary

   * Japan-Korea university student (each up to four local governments) participates and carries out fieldwork in Korean side 4 city street, and, based on material which we collected, plan makes sightseeing plan

 * About making of fieldwork of university student and plan, we carry out in combination of following local governments

Korean side

(the site)

Busan Metropolitan City



Jeju Special Self-governing Province

Japanese side






2 business schedule

     From Saturday, August 24, 2019 to Tuesday, August 27, 2019 4 days and 3 nights


  Contents (plan)

The first day

Movement (side travel in Japan), welcome dinner party

The second day


The third day

Fieldwork, plan making

The fourth day

The morning: Movement, presentation

The afternoon: Interchange luncheon party, movement (side returning home in Japan)


※ About fieldwork, we coordinate trip according to each Korean side city street

Subscription for 3

(1)  Four offer staff

(2)  Offer deadline Monday, June 17, 2019 17:00

(3)  Qualifications (person corresponding to all following (1) - (5))

(1)    University student (department, subject to remove does not matter to foreign student) who belongs to university in Saga

(2)    It is person with interest and understanding for Korea

(3)    Person whom mind and body are full of sense of cooperation with health, and there is moderation group action which there is according to business plan

(4)    Person who gets basic communication with Korean participant by English or Korean

(5)    Person who can cooperate with disseminating information positively of plan that we planned after the business operation



4 application methods

   You have the following documents, and submit to Saga Department of Regional Exchange International Affairs Division by mail or bringing. ※It must arrive by 17:00 on Monday, June 17, 2019.


    (1) PDF Participation application We open with the other window(PDF: 75.7 kilobytes)

(2)PDF Written consent We open with the other window(PDF: 39.8 kilobytes) of protector (people as of August 24, 2019 under 20)

   (3) Copy of student identification card

 ※Please note that you do not return application


Selection, decision of 5 participants


    (1)  Selection of participant

  ○In the case of a lot of applicants, we carry out paper screening at the Japan-Korea straits coast prefecture city street interchange business executive committee Saga secretariat.

  ○When I carry out interview, I will inform the person separately.

  (2)  Decision

 We are going to notify the person in the end of June.


※ For details, please refer to attached offer essential point.



 PDF Offer essential point We open with the other window(PDF: 134.4 kilobytes)



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