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We raise suggestion from CSO to perform better administrative services! ... CSO suggestion type collaboration creation business - offer period: From June 22, 2020 to October 30, 2020

The last update date:
  •  Various main constituents such as CSO carry the community service not only administration providing service to plan local problem solution, and to improve satisfaction of living, and it is necessary to further push forward administration and collaboration with CSO.

 Therefore, we raise citizen of the prefecture satisfaction and carry out "CSO suggestion type collaboration creation business" to raise suggestion from CSO to aim at activation of resident autonomy. 

 As we raise citizen of the prefecture satisfaction and look forward to suggestion that further leads to activation of CSO activity, realization of resident autonomy, suggestion, please positively. 

   ※CSO is abbreviation of Civil Society Organizations (civil society organization) and, not only NPO corporation, Civil activities, volunteer group (the above will marriage texture), refers to "CSO" including residents' association, neighborhood association, women's society, old man society, organization, group such as PTA (the above shared territorial bonding organization).

1 purpose

   We perform for the purpose of realizing service with high satisfaction for inhabitants who are guard of public service more.


2 proposers

  CSO (civil society organization) such as NPO corporation or Civil activities, volunteer group, residents' association or PTA 


Business that is targeted for 3 suggestion

  The prefecture (limited to duties to perform in the Governer bureau and Board of Education Secretariat. The as follows same duties (we remove city municipality school about duties of municipalities.that) and municipalities are working on now The as follows same duties that the prefecture and municipalities work on by suggestion from) or CSO newly

 ※Target municipalities are municipalities participating in Karatsu-shi, Taku-shi, Imari-shi, Takeo-shi, Kashima-shi, Ogi-shi, Ureshino-shi, Kanzaki-shi, Yoshinogari-cho, Kiyama-cho, Kamimine-cho, Miyaki-cho, Genkai-cho, Arita-cho, Omachi-cho, Kouhoku-machi, Shiroishi-cho, the business of Tara-cho concerned.


About offer of 4 suggestion

Content of suggestion is as follows.


(1) Type of suggestion

   High effect is expected by collaboration with the prefecture utilized characteristic of CSO or municipalities   
     (form of collaboration) collaboration type trust, the cosponsorship, assistance, support, business cooperation  


        Main example which is listed in Kenmin Kyodo guideline

        ☆ Business requesting participation of many people

    (example) enlightenment, event business, plan administration of public facility

     ☆Business that it is necessary to cope flexibly carefully

    (example) child care support, elderly person care support

   ☆Business to need to carry out based on the local fact

    (example) management of local crime prevention, environmental conservation, road and river

   ☆Business that citizen of the prefecture shows the person concerned characteristics and to be independent and act

    (example) town development, activation of mall, advanced age, person with a disability moving support

   ☆Business that specialty is sought in the specific field

    (example) domestic violence (domestic violence) victim support, intractable disease support, the development child with a disability, person support

   ☆Pioneer business without what the government worked on so far

    (example) day care, house old place, person with a disability support center beyond classification

   ☆Business about plan, administration of public facility

    (example) Civil activities center, culture hall 


(2) Method of suggestion

  ●In the case of suggestion to the prefecture 

    Supporting group (CSO who acts to support individual CSO activities) middle with "style 1" (collaboration creation business proposal)

          Or please submit to Saga Citizens Partnership Division by Friday, October 30, 2020.

    In addition, submission method assumes bringing, mail, facsimile, E-mail.


     ●In the case of suggestion to municipalities

    In "middle supporting group, collaboration post in charge of municipalities or Saga Citizens Partnership Division with style 1 (collaboration creation business proposer),

         Please submit by Friday, October 30, 2020.

    In addition, submission method assumes bringing, mail, facsimile, E-mail.


(3) Submission, consultation of proposal


 (middle supporting group) 

  • Non profit organization saga Civil activities support center (Saga-shi)
        Telephone: 0952-20-2063 FAX: 0952-37-7193
        E-mail: [email protected]
  • Non profit organization Saga CSO promotion mechanism (Saga-shi)
     Telephone: 0952-26-2378 FAX: 0952-26-2227
     E-mail: [email protected] 
  • We enshrine non profit organization Network Station (Karatsu-shi)
     Telephone: 0955-70-0303 FAX: 0955-70-0304
     E-mail: [email protected] 
  • Non profit organization tosu Civil activities network (Tosu-shi)

    Telephone: 0942-81-1815 FAX: 0942-80-8122

    E-mail: [email protected] 

  • The western part of non profit organization saga Civil activities support center frontier (Kashima-shi)
     Telephone: 0954-63-4571 FAX: 0954-63-4571
     E-mail: [email protected] 
  • Non profit organization welcome Ogi (Ogi-shi)
     Telephone: 090-5437-1445 FAX: 0952-20-5544
     E-mail: [email protected]
  • CSO kanzaki (Kanzaki-shi)
     Telephone: 0952-20-2510 FAX: 0952-20-3356
     E-mail: [email protected] 
  • Kiyama future center laboratory (Kiyama-cho)
     Telephone: 090-2714-1826 FAX: 0942-92-2809
     E-mail: [email protected] 
  • Non profit organization Link (Miyaki-cho)
     Telephone: 090-8412-8371 FAX: None
     E-mail: [email protected]

  (collaboration department of the prefecture and municipalities)

   ※Please confirm the attached conduct point (8P~9P).

5 and others

   Administration deepens mutual understanding with CSO, and CSO thinking of suggestion calls for holding of discussion meeting with relations section of the prefecture or municipalities as place reviewing suggestion beforehand

  As we can do, please consult with 4 (3) "submission, consultation of the nearest of proposal". 

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