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Means of transportation of elderly person

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Old mother caused thing loss accident and would return license the other day taking the opportunity of this. When we went for hospital and shopping by two livings with father who received care so far, as for mother, mother ran car. Because she returned license, mother is going to change means of transportation to bicycle and bus. Because municipal bus has rate targeted for elderly person, it wants to use positively, but there is 1 kilo or more from house to bus stop, and it is serious to take father of care state. I take to and from on holiday, but weekday pickup and drop-off to hospitals are difficult.

 For example, would you think about policy such as making community bus widely available? As we think that elderly person of many same viewpoints is a chance to be able to become independent, I would like consideration. 


Answer to department in charge

When security of area public transport that is necessary for everyday life including going to hospital and shopping is in particular problem, as the prefecture, we recognize by increase of person of aging progress and driver's license independence return. Therefore, in cooperation with municipalities in the prefecture, we will work on security of local means of transportation that we can live for in peace in area where local people lived so long.

 In addition, we introduce the "welfare transport at cost" system as father is care state. In system that group of local NPO corporations for another person that it is difficult we are alone, and assistance is necessary and to use public transport including person with a physical disability and person requiring nursing care travels, pickup and drop-off are possible directly from home to hospital, nursing facility. Therefore we think whether you can reduce burden on your family as it is not necessary to walk to bus stop, and conduct group takes to and from to home.

 About conduct association of the welfare transport at cost, you can confirm from the following link. In the use, we would appreciate your talking directly in communication with conduct group. In addition, cases not to understand the way of consultation well, please connect with our section without reserve.


PDF List of welfare championship transport conduct groups We open with the other window(PDF: 53.3 kilobytes)


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