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We hold "Kaito Morikawa tsu festival"

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  August 2, 2019

Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Forestry Preservation Division 

Kaito Morikawa tsu project promotion charge

Person in charge Kobayashi, Yamaura

0952-25-7136 direct to extension number 2484


We hold "Kaito Morikawa (when Morikawa) tsu festival"


We work on "Kaito Morikawa (when Morikawa) tsu) project" to publicize to citizens of the prefecture about importance of connection and management of Morikawa Sea in the prefecture, and to connect with action promotion such as maintenance activities.

As part of the approach, we hold laying upon "Kaito Morikawa tsu festival" on day of mountain.

 As we have maintenance activity to Morikawa Sea deepen understanding through participation in event to citizens of the prefecture and think that we want you to experience activity made with forest and fun event using the five senses including workshop of the Morikawa sea, we look forward to visit of many of you.




1 event name Kaito Morikawa (when Morikawa) tsu) festival


2 dates    Day of Mt. Sunday, August 11, 2019


3 venues

 (1) Kitayama venue: Forest (from 10:00 to 15:00) of the Saga Prefectural 21st century citizen of the prefecture

                     Of general information center cheeks come; previous lawn open space others

         (724-4, Fujichofujise, Saga-shi)

 (2) The sunrise venue: Saga-shi Cultural Center event hall (from 13:30 to 17:00)

           (1-21-10, Hinode, Saga-shi)


4 contents

 (1) Kitayama venue: Activity (lower mowing) made with the Kaito Morikawa tsu letter of thanks presentation ceremony, musician shana concert of mountain, Morikawa Sea dumpling making, forest of paradise Yamamoto

             tsuriingu climbing a tree, a kind of trout notsukamidori, the making of aquarium, the making of hammock of laver network, barbecue, Marchais others

 (2) The sunrise venue: C."We see the future from forest" in lecture by William Nicol

                           Panel discussion (panelist: Kiyo Nishikawa, Yasuhiko Takeshita, Masako Kamemoto, Akira Harada, coordinator: Kyoko Fujio)


5 sponsorship  (1) Kitayama venue: Saga, fund of Saga green

     (2) The sunrise venue: NPO corporation nine states Saga project


 In the case of 6 or other rainy weather, we hold.

Kaito Morikawa






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