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New rice "Star Festival Koshihikari present campaign of" illusion!

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Star Festival Koshihikari

Application is this

"hiyorichan" formula Twitter account (@sagabiyori) We open with the other window(external link)


Campaign name: New rice "Star Festival Koshihikari present campaign of" illusion


Application period

Until from the midday of Friday, August 7, 2,020 to the midday of Monday, August 17

Application method

  1. Please respond in "hiyorichan" formula Twitter account (@sagabiyori).
  2. Please retweet tweet for campaign.

The number of election product and the elected candidates

5 kg of "Star Festival Koshihikari" from Saga bag *7 person

  • We will send successful message to elected person by Twitter direct message (following DM) within one week after the end during application period.
  • DM cannot send contribution of account secrecy, and please be careful as you become out of application object.


  1. Having Twitter account.
  2. Being person living in Japan.
  3. What we respond to in "hiyorichan" formula Twitter account (@ sagabiyori).
  • Please respond beforehand in (@sagabiyori) before campaigning, and retweeting. I send to Twitter account that had you post successful notice in TwitterDM. Therefore election may become invalid without sending TwitterDM when we do not respond in official Twitter account (@sagabiyori) of "hiyorichan".
  • We can perform contribution again and again, but application becomes once per 1Twitter account.
  • As for the application, only Twitter becomes receptionist. 

About election


We present prize to elected candidate after fair lottery from contribution that had you apply.

As the following cases, application become invalid, please be careful.

  • When we exclude follow of Twitter account of (@ sagabiyori) before during campaign period and successful notice
  • When application tweet is deleted
  • When account is done behind closed doors
  • When Twitter is resigned from
  • In addition, act that was considered to be unjust contribution

About successful result announcement

  • I send TwitterDM to Twitter account that had elected candidate post for less than one week after application period.
  • When we had you apply as successful notice is sent by official Twitter account (@sagabiyori) of "hiyorichan", follow, please to receive TwitterDM.
  • We reply to e-mail address listed in TwitterDM by date and become "successful decision" when we have you fill in necessary information. (as election right becomes invalid when case and contents without reply have defect by date, please be careful.)
  • When we delete Twitter account that had you apply, application, election becomes not intended. Please be careful.
  • We cannot assign right that we won to third party. Again with realization and other prizes cannot change.
  • When entry contents have defect, error, falsehood, we may invalidate application, election.
  • Successful announcement will inform only elected candidate. In addition, please note that you cannot accept inquiry about examination, election at all.

Prize shipment

  • We are going to perform prize shipment in the late August and early September.
  • Shipment of prize is limited to Japan.
  • Please note that prize, shipment schedule may be changed for convenience.
  • We cannot appoint the delivery date and time, delivery method, delivery company of prize.
  • Prize may be different from photograph.
  • As for the prize, production center, standard may be changed.
  • When the absenteeism and prize destination address of elected candidate and new address cannot send prize due to ignorance, please note that you may invalidate election.

Application terms

Person applied for this campaign has you read the following by all means, and please apply on agreement. Person who had you apply should be thing which had you agree to these terms.

  • We inform of election of this kyapen from "hiyorichan" formula Twitter account (@ sagabiyori). It should be thing which can take correspondence such as application condition changes of this campaign only when we judge that the administration secretariat is required to perform appropriate operation.
  • Offer of this campaign stops by communications equipment, communication line, system failure, defect of Twitter or delays or shall not take the responsibility about mistransmission or the damage that applicant when defect accrued put on.
  • When application matches rule of Twitter using wrongful account against policy, we may invalidate application from the account concerned by judgment of the administration secretariat.
  • Applicant shall take responsibility to manage user account (Twitter ID).
  • We forbid that applicant has transfer, loan, pledge of user account (Twitter ID) to third party regardless of charged free or we use.
  • Cases to violate regulations of case and these terms that you cannot understand in these terms may invalidate election even if they receive successful notification.
  • Image which had you post may use for our public information, sales promotion activity including this plan introduction.
  • Twitter supports this campaign and approves and runs and does not participate.

The handling of personal information

  • We use personal information that had you provide from elected customer to ship prize and do not do offer to user third party except that.

Contact information


1-1-59, Jonai, Saga-shi, Saga

Saga distribution, trade section

TEL: 0952-25-7252 

  • Reception hours: From 9:00 to 17:00 (except Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays)
  • We cope with inquiry sequentially within reception hours.
  • In the case of the reception hours outside, we may have time before reply.
  • Please confirm junk email prevention setting to be able to get contact email from the secretariat on inquiry.
  • We do not accept question about lottery, the results of an election. Thank you for your understanding beforehand.
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Saga prefectural government office (corporation number 1000020410004)

1-1-59, Jonai, Saga-shi
Tel: 0952-24-2111 (main)
Copyright© 2016 Saga Prefecture.All Rights Reserved.