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 Exhibition collecting of program that idol playing an active part in FM Saga as broadcasted actor, singer acts as personality is performed in Imari-shi in August.

The program can be heard by national net in radiko.

In Saga, Saga has been emphasized widely by various collaboration.

 Therefore we thought whether you would like to emphasize Saga to listeners of the whole country by this public collecting and posted.

For example, how about sending message concerning Saga to program from the Governer?


Answer to department in charge

 About public information business of Saga, we carry out project to disseminate information of called "saga prize!" in addition to Public relations to metropolitan area and outside the prefecture including Fukuoka. Specifically, we perform collaboration with company, brand and perform approach by to send charm of the prefecture to the whole country, promote activation of the prefecture. In addition, we decide by to have various media such as TV, WEB, radio take up, plan much-talked-about maximization by carrying out holding such as events or plan on WEB depending on contents such as collaboration by the project.

 About inflection of radio program in public information business of the prefecture which had you suggest, it is means that is useful from the viewpoint of disseminating information of the prefecture and should be reference of future project.

 We act to is effective, disseminating information to have Saga have interest, interest and will perform approach to convey charm of Saga to many people more in future.


Department in charge of opinion

Department of policy Public Relations and Hearings Division

TEL: (0952) 25-7219

e-mail: [email protected]

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