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 I am living in Kanto, but go to 2-3 times of Saga (Imari) for fishing in year.

As it costs air fare, accommodation charges, money suffers from 5 times than we catch in Kanto and do.

Therefore rent-a-car of 1,000 yen of Saga Airport is saved very much.

In addition, pickup of baggage is quick in Saga Airport, and that would be helpful.


 We catch now and think, "Saga is hot!" personally throughout the trade. That is because there is fishing YouTuber a lot in Saga.

As for representative what, "fishing color" is "fishing riminimanimo" "fishing riyokadesho".

"Fishing riyokadesho" eats oyster by request from Kitakyushu-shi and gets into boat.

It is strange why Saga does not ask for PR. As there are a lot of audiences who do not do fishing, we think that PR effect is high. .


 In addition, Saga cow, Imari cow, cuttlefish of Yobuko occupy most of in visitor information, but there are various delicious things including chicken and oyster in others. In comparison with Kanto, we think that it is handy and should publicize price more in the whole country.


 We think that it is YouTube than TV now.



Answer to department in charge

 About sightseeing PR utilizing youtube which had you suggest this time, we performed approach such as making youtube video which popular YouTuber put together in delivery and target of video around the prefecture spot until now, and developing picture in home and abroad. We have "fishing riyokadesho" and the "fishing Japanese alphabet" ask, and they publicize Saga in last year and are realizing strength of dispatch.

 In addition, charm of the prefecture sends while turning genre and tool to propose for each business to hold tour by girl "camera girls" to like business and camera which invite popular blogger of home and abroad, and are introduced to the prefecture spot by article, and to send unknown spot of various places throughout the prefecture in SNS, diversifying target including holding of projection mapping in the prefectural office prospects hall by animation "zombie land saga".

 In addition, about ingredients, we appreciate your appreciating very many prefectural products. Because there were abundant ingredients in Saga according to the opinion, we invited "Asian Best Restaurant 50" called "Academy Award of meal" for the first time in Japan. We want to send charm of "Saga to be able to be proud of to the world" to home and abroad including local resources such as ingredients or container well with this.


 We would appreciate your moving to Saga sequentially continuously by all means.


Department in charge of opinion

Department of Regional Exchange Tourism Division

TEL: (0952) 25-7386

e-mail: [email protected]

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