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Information of the practical training about developmentally disabled diagnosis

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 In Saga, we consign "developmentally disabled specialized medical institution network construction business" to Hizen mind medical center from 2018 and carry out. As part of the business, specialized medical institution which it is to carry out the training for security, and is interested for developmental disability in the prefecture, please participate by all means.


※We extended eligible people to healthcare workers such as nurses as well as doctor from 2020.



Summary of the training

Eligible people     : Healthcare workers such as doctor or nurse in Saga

The training date and time    : We adjust in attendance applicant and Saga Disabled Persons Welfare Division, Hizen mind medical center and decide the date and time.

The training place    : Hizen mind medical center outpatient department (160, Mitsu, Yoshinogari-cho, Kanzaki-gun)

The time required of the training :Around three hours (it may be mixed up by the situation.) 


Flow of the practical training

  1. We coordinate the date and time of the practical training with attendance applicant in Hizen mind medical center. 
  2. Come to outpatient department management the first floor of the ridge "reception desk" 15 minutes before ***sekijikan. Person in charge will go to meet.
  3. We lead to child outpatient department and give a simple explanation.
  4. If it is time, please do ***seki.
  5. Please fill out *sekishuryogo, questionnaire.



Application method

You fill in the requirements on application on the back of the following flyer, and apply by email or FAX to Saga Disabled Persons Welfare Division.



Application, reference

Saga Department of Health and Welfare Disabled Persons Welfare Division area life support charge

E-Mail address [email protected]

FAX: 0952-25-7302


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