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September 8 holding! As for "adult" in thing - now when there are us who live on style of let's sagasutairu talk - each former "child." Town which is kind to ko eyo "child."

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August 21, 2019

Citizens Partnership Division Universal Corp. society promotion charge

Person in charge Miyahara, Kaebuchi

0952-25-7068 direct to extension number 1626


September 8 holding! We who live on style of let's sagasutairu talk - each can do it

As for today's "adults" the cause "child." Town which is kind to ko eyo "child."

 In the prefecture, we establish website "sagasutairu" which can search shop easy for various people whom we will aim at realization of town development easy for people who spread, and can live for the elderly and impaired, child care by environmental promotion that is easy to bring up child in peace in aging and society participation of person with a disability to further advance from now on, and there is in town (

 We introduce gentleness of shop having shop where shop with kids space and restroom for wheelchair are fully equipped with, shop which staff helps even if there is step, various places of the person concerned including shop calling out to positively use in peace in this site.

 Each everybody knows thought of people concerned, and it is necessary for realization of town development easy for people that each other deepens understanding.

 Deepen behavior understanding of crosstalk and child by guest concerned with child care and childcare, care, town development this time and, as opportunity that we deepen mutual understanding of the person concerned and citizen of the prefecture through workshop thinking about town which it is easy to live for from glance of "child" in child care generation, and anyone thinks about about town development easy for that can go out in peace together, hold "let's sagasutairu talk" as follows.



(1) With "let's sagasutairu talk"

 "Let's sagasutairu talk" is exchange meeting thinking about there being to us with various places of the person concerned to make town where anyone is easy to live in.

 In crosstalk by guest, we see "play" that 60% of active nursery staff uses and all Amamiya of child corporation kids color that "we learn", and no platform "HoiClue" (hoikuru) is run, and different is various, and behavior understanding and age of child hear story from various viewpoints including importance of what they are concerned with with people with difference with him from childcare and care, worked various places to be concerned with with child including town development in the prefecture.

 In addition, we perform workshop thinking about town which it is easy to live for from glance of "child" to deepen understanding to "child" and the person concerned of child care generation.

 In exchange meeting, we think about what is necessary with all the participants with guest for town development that everybody is easy to spend.

 As well as the child care generation person concerned, we will think about town which all are easy to live on various participants such as childcare relations worked on for, town development worked at store including and restaurant done work for.


(2) Date and time Sunday, September 8, 2019 from 14:00 to 17:00


(3) Place navel child institution (1-6-32, Mizugae, Saga-shi)


(4) Program

 ・Crosstalk with guest speaker

 ・Workshop (town where it is easy to live in thinking in "child" glance)

 ・Free talk to think about there being to make town where everybody is easy to live in with all the participants


(5) 40 capacity (prior application, first-come-first-served basis)


(6) Entrance fee for free


(7) Application

  (1)Application from sagasutairu website

   Please apply with exclusive form from sagasutairu website latest topics.

  (2)Application with telephone

   Saga Citizens Partnership Division Universal Corp. society promotion charge

   0952-25-7068 (direct) reception hours from 9:00 to 17:00

  (3)Application by email

   Saga Citizens Partnership Division Universal Corp. society promotion charge

  ※Please list the following items in the email text on application.

   ・The name (when he/she participates with ※ several representative)


   ・The number of participants (child that ※ day care is hoped for is excluded)

   ・Phone number, e-mail address

   ・Matter that you should consider in event participation

   ・Presence (as follows "only in the case of day care existence") of child needing day care

   ・The name, age of child

   ・Matter that you should consider in day care


(8) Guest speaker

 Look after all Amamiya;/child corporation kids color representative director

 It was born in 1986. After acquiring nursery staff qualification that we aimed at since the days of junior high student, we are engaged in child in plural nursery schools for six years. "We learn" with "play" where childcare and child care spread through and, through on-site experience, launch no platform HoiClue [hoikuru] (Web site) and establish kids color in 2010. We are struggling for the cause of tag line, "we want to try" of "child is interesting", new challenge.

 Naoki Yoshimura/navel group unification director

 1985, Saga birth. We lose father in traffic accident, and we are brought up with one woman at the age of 5 as the middle of three brothers by mother. Commencing with karate, we come under a great influence of teacher whom we met there at the same time. Is dispatched as goodwill ambassador of rotary foundation one year; one-year to the United Mexican States; go to study language. We are interested in preschool education during university attendance at school and enter childcare consulting company of Kanto. We learn infants education while being concerned with setup and administration of 50 or more nursery schools. We take office as navel nursery school director at 25 years old. Children having children, obstacle until 0 years old - 12 years old unify coexisting "navel groups" now. We work on writing, lecture and, also, are struggling for child care as father of one man girl


Representative from Michiko Saeki/combination company MUKU

 It was born in Fukuoka and is raised in Tsushima. Mother of 3 boys. Type AB, on the other hand, to engage in student council officer, and to have many aspects to live a daring life since the days of high school student while fitting in into girls band and motorcycle with the help of confidence without grounds. We acquire qualification of occupational therapist, but, after technical school graduation, appear on trip as woman alone backpacker in the Southern Hemisphere to grant dream to "make friend all over the world". Afterwards, we fall into kitesurfing and emigrate to Karatsu. The third son is independent during three months though we work at hospital and elderly person facility as occupational therapist saying it "is not this that I want to do it!". The next year, baby are establishment in "we turn multifunctional nursing small scale" care office which there is. We continue setting, "it is heated which is heated" that it vary in order to make "living in front of the area" that elderly person and children gather.

Ayana Nishikawa/saga area zzusapota

 1991, remote island of Kagoshima, Tokunoshima birth. We learn karate of Shoto hall style from 5 years old for about ten years and fit in into basketball that we began in substitution for karate afterwards though it is model when we are in the sixth grade and becomes best among Kyushu. After graduating from local high school, by relations that Saga had older brother, we enter Saga Women's Junior Coll. To aim at comic artist though do child care generation and importance of connection with area in one of eyes while work as elementary school teacher after the graduation in Tokunoshima, again island to detached room, technical school of Fukuoka. Graduation is imminent, and we are scouted as Saga area zzusapota by friend who worked in Saga prefectural government office. "We want to help person troubled alone!" It gets into area in thought with "people, to tie people.", under activity.




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