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We lend the 41st fault and hold concert

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August 29, 2019

Saga Prefectural museum, art museum arts and sciences section 

Person in charge Akiyama

0952-24-3947 direct to extension number 3717

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We lend the 41st fault and hold concert

"We lend fault and hold concert" 3 times a year from 2006 to have enjoy wonderful music in rich environment among nature and works of art of Saga Castle Park in Saga Prefectural museum, art museum.

We greet Miho Ichimura playing an active part led by Fukuoka, Saga this time becoming the inclusion of period 41st and send concert of the flamenco. The flamenco that is named "art of soul" sings by Gypsies (Roma) of south Spain and is the people music that dances, and has been inherited. Please thoroughly enjoy the world of the profound flamenco with the passionate, melancholic investigation.

In addition, in the day of the concert, art museum, Spanish modern realism work temporary exhibition "picture beyond super realism exhibition rial of the 50th anniversary of Saga Television Station opening of an office" introducing a lot is open. As exhibition admission discounts person who had you arrive to concert, please enjoy in addition.



1 date and time Saturday, September 21, 2019 (Raiwa 1)

  The opening: 13:30/start: 14:00 (performance time around one hour)

2 venue Saga Prefectural art museum hall (1-15-23, Jonai, Saga-shi)

3 participation fees for free (we do not need prior application)

4 appearance Miho Ichimura (dance)

     (guest) Yoshiko Yano (song)

          Yuto Azuma (guitar)

5 and others

(1) As for the customer coming to concert, exhibition held can see "picture beyond super realism exhibition rial of the 50th anniversary of Saga Television Station opening of an office" with reduced price (discounted by 200 yen than today's ticket rate) in art museum only for the day. At ticketing window of exhibition, please present program that you distributed in concert.

※We cannot return the balance when we had you enter in front of concert.

(2) In museum, the art museum, space of parking lot is limited to. On visit, we recommend the use of public transport. 



[artist profile (performer offer)]

Miho Ichimura

 Miho Ichimura (ichimuramiho, patachie de flamenco representative)

  1973.9.1 Omuta-shi, Fukuoka birth.

  We begin the 1995.3 flamenco.

  We belong to 1998.11 Spain plan, Fukuoka school as lecturer.

  We appear on the tab Rao "biLness flamenco" that 1999.3 ... school manages. (we study under a large number of Spanish artists during being on the register roll period and act in the same play in tab Rao.)

  2002.2 visit to Spain. We study under Angelita Gomez, Maria del Mar Moreno. After returning home, it is independent.

  In 2003.10 hometown, Omuta, we establish studio "Patache de Flamenco".

  We plan "Como Soy" in the flamenco performance that we invite 2005.4 Spaniard artist and give a performance.

  2006-09 visit to Spain. We experience live appearance in Spain France and belong to "Jerez Puro" as lecturer at one time.

  We plan "El Rezo- prayer -" in 2011.5 first own performance and give a performance.

  We are pouring passion for live activity and developing instruction now while making a round trip to Japan and Spain. 



Yoshiko Yano
Yoshiko Yano (lesson)

  It was born in Oita and is living in Tokyo.

  In Japan, we visit Spain after the apprenticeship to well-known artist. Macarena de Helles, Eve rubichi natoni study and return home. We got evaluation from powerful singing voice with the simplicity in Spain.

  We carry out solo live of the 15th anniversary in 2015 and win favorable reception and enlarge place of activity in all over Japan.




Yuto Azuma
Yuto Azuma (if I hate Azuma)

  We are from Takarazuka-shi, Hyogo.

  We carry out a live activity as guitarist of hard rock in high school days. 

  Afterwards, we come across the flamenco and visit Spain three times from 1997.

  We study under well-known guitarists such as Domingo Lubitch.

  We stay in Jerez and learn the flamenco through interchange with local hitano.

  We have a good reputation for the hitano (Gypsy)-colored strong traditional performance and are playing an active part in stage, live now around Kansai.





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