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We raise students of "Saga farming cram school" in 2019

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We hold "the Saga farming cram school top management training" to support scholar of agriculture worked on for management development eagerly in Saga Agricultural Technical College.

 We perform the higher training to give to specialist in management in this management cram school, and to invite celebrities of the field of production and distribution of farm products playing an active part in the whole country to lecturer, and to be tied to practice.

 Therefore, we raise students as follows.


1 period

All from Monday, October 7, 2019 to Wednesday, February 26, 2020 11 times

(9:30 a.m. - 12:00 a.m., six hours/time of from 13:00 to 16:30)

2 holding places

October 7, November 7, 12 and 22, December 12, January 24, February 4

              The best training room in local industrial support center (Nabeshima, Saga-shi-cho),

October 17 Saga municipal library multi-purpose hall

January 9 abanse (3, Tenjin, Saga-shi) second training room A

February 26 Grande hagakure flower hall C

The beginning of December inspection training [we plan agricultural corporation, JA of Kumamoto]

Subscription for 3 eligible people and capacity

  • Scholar of agriculture that passes in Saga more than shunogogai ne five years, and is eager for own management development
  • Person performing the employment type farming and corporation management and which we aim at
  • Farming who wants to make friends aiming at development
  • Person who can participate in principle, all lectures (11 times)

(when it becomes absence out of necessity, there is support of repair such as VTRs)

 nado 15


4 tuition 10,000 yen/


Deadline for 5 application methods and application

  • Please propose the requirements to the following application by FAX or email after entry to attendance application (the student offer brochure back side).

  In addition, I would like confirmation over telephone after the transmission.

  • It must arrive by Tuesday, September 24, 2019 in deadline for application


6 applications, reference

  • The Saga Agricultural Technical College training department (charge: Okubo, Tanaka)

Telephone 0952-45-2145 FAX0952-34-7004

E-mail [email protected]


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